Nissan Silvia S15 [Addon / Tuning] v1.3


[1.3] : replaced the base kit with the factory one, and added other kits, spoilers and bonnets.

now you have those too :

- Spec-r
- Vertex
- BN Sports (with dmax front fenders)
- Uras GT
- Rocket Bunny

And some spoilers coming with some and a roof one (just for fun)

Tuning performance was added, it was missing lines in the carcols.meta
And ignore the handling, it's not made to work without the realistic traction overhaul mod by Impactjunky

[1.2] : I don't know why everyone cry for tuning parts... here ! you happy now?

Kit 1 : Dmax type 2
Kit 2 : Wonger Glare
Kit 3 : light Garage Mak
Kit 4 : Garage Mak full body
+ now the little spoiler isn't an extra but a tuning part, same as the Garage Mak one
+ 5 new hood (+1 with the Garage Mak)
The last chassis tuning is the awful chassis without parts and bash bars
And the last bonnet is to remove it

All kits are set as chassis modification, you can't add a part from a kit on an other

... and i didn't said it before, but the front wheel setup isn't made for tuning, if you try to change tires you'll see them too much inside the car, this is normal
I'm still thinking of making it normal and adding a stock suspension system
Oh yeah, and i redo the enginebay to add the suspension properly, added the transmisison (under the car, flip it to see), for your eyes also there is a rev texture (wow), changed the engine block colour, and changed the rear suspension too because why not (check last pic)

You'll need to use vStancer for the wide kits :

- . - . - . -
File's too big now, a link for Dropbox is on the .txt you download here
- . - . - . -

[1.1] : many people said that the car shaders are wrong and that pics looks bad... so here, i put some graphic mods and changed what looked bad/weird

- - - - - - - - - -

Car : Arthur Kuznetsov
Wheels : LossTunes
Suspensions : JapWorx from VK / Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
Seats : LossTunes
Engine(bay) : forza hoziron 3
Spoilers : Sprite, ZD
Bodykits : ZD team from VK, FD mod from AC

And thanks to Pancras who explained me dark and powerful tuning method

to install the car, drop the dlc.rpf in mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>lgtS15 (create that last folder)

the rims and rollcage are paintable with the paint:2 option

have fun with it, it's free real estate anyway :>
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