Better Bus Station With Interior [Map Editor]


My Largest and Most Difficult Map to Make so Far! (7th Map!)
This is the Bus Station right next to the Pillbox Hill Hospital (Where I made my "Even More Destroyed Hospital" Map)
The Bus Station. This small place is abandoned, with no buses, no cars, no visitors, and it seems that the interior is closed. All that's left are a couple soda machines and drunk homeless people. Nobody waits for the bus because there isn't even a bus that stops there to begin with. Have you ever waited for the bus at a really nice bus station, and thought to yourself, "I wish most bus stations were like this" I wished so too, but instead of wishing I took action. I turned that run down old bus station into a working one! Including new people, police guards, more parked cars, a variety of different parked buses, Traffic Signal Workers, and even IT'S OWN INTERIOR. That's right, I made the bus station have it's own interior (Something new I've tried to do). With this simple mod (no matter how laggy it can get) The bus station comes alive again! This is the seventh map mod I've made so far, and it took the longest, over a span of 4 or 5 days. It also contains 1500+ props, which will cause some lag. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this map! Be sure to check out my channel @ Gab Angelo on YouTube!
The Installation is in the ReadMe when you download the file, but if you absolutely need it...

1. Install ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, Open All Interiors, Map Editor, and Expanded Objects List
2. Drag "bus01" into your game file directory
3. Open Grand Theft Auto V
4. Press f7 to open Map Editor and press "Load File"
5. Press xml file, and type "bus01", then press enter
6. Go to the location in the pictures folder and enjoy!
1.0: Release
Known Issues:
-The Textures May Not Spawn
-Some Props May Not Spawn
-Can be very laggy for Low End PC's (1500+ Props!)
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