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Well I've build a simple bridge but I find it was too empty so I deceide to add this little island wich was empty so I add this town ;)
It was more a Test about land mapping than a real project but it finally look playable So i wanted to share it with you, I hope it will bring you some idea ;)

The REAL project is here :

Before downloading the map I would prefer say you some little thing
First, I'll be honest the ground (sand and sand road) are not really well down, the collision will be under the sand cause as it s sand it is not straight and it not have colision ! So If I deceided to follow more the decal while drawing the collsion I would have use more object but I limited the waste of prop by doing a non exactfit collision ground and I'm sorry if that don't please to every one (I'll should have use asphalt road but its too late so it would be for the next ;)
Then, I'm using a lot of veg and other hard textured object wich mean than maybe the lowend config will not be able to load it but you can still try to lower the graphics, for people that get a med/high config nothing to say except enjoy ;P

Installation :
> Step 1.) You need to have a working map editor :

  • (If you can't get it to work don't come here to ask how but on map editor page, and I'll try to help you ;)
    You also need to use the " extendobjectlist" from map editor as objectlist (require O.S.U)

    > Step 2.) Object Spawn Unlocker : Well the version 1.1 is bugged for me so I'm using the 1.0 so if you have the same problem use the one I put into the zip (1.0)
    (this link will provide version 1.1 thaat not work for all that why i added the version 1.0 that should work fine into the zip ;)

    > Step 3.) " 10k objectlist " mod :

    > Step 4.) Once you get all this stuff you'll have to put the map into your Gta5 main folder/root

    > Step 5.) Start the game,
    you'll have to load the map in the AREA where the map is placed ELSE all road/sand/river will be removed when loading and it can even crash !!! ;O
    ! But if you load map in the AREA it will work ! So go in the Area showed into picture (alamo sea ) as soon as possible from the island location (look picture to see where the map is ;P)
    Open Map editor and Load map " Isla " ;D

    And here we are
    >6.) Enjoy and have fun,
    >6.BIS (for unlucky ;S) or crash ;( (if you crash try to read everything (comment and description) to see if something can fix your problem)

    Important Note :
    (Knowed bug/ fix / frequently asked question / answer)

    >Scripthook and dotnet don't support pirated game
    >Not recomended to have any veg enhancment mod except if you sure to be able to handl it cause this map use a lot of vegetation
    > Some object can some time move from their original position to an other at loading (don't happen often)
    >If you have validated list you can may not have the road/sand/river, so if that the case I recomend you to use the one into the zip by renaming it.
    > Road/Sand/River have NO COLLISION, wich mean I've got to create one, but as you can see is not exactfit due to the fact that sand is not straight (well when i said it was at start a test I was talking about this thing may I should have use real road but that too late it would be for the next xP)
    > My car/my shoes is/are into the sand wtf !? < well as I said the collision can't be exactfit with sand but I try my best, If ever you see an area that is really too low compare to sand/road lod who is high (like half player leg) then you can report me the area with an uploaded pict and I'll try to correct it if that really too much.
    > did I see a seagull pass the car/house/tree /etc ? < Yes, you didn't take any halucinogen, the seagul don't care about prop added by map editor (not only them but even anim added on ped added on map editor that can be buged (ex i can't make any ped walk on island for unknow reason etc) So don't care about this thing pls ;P Also the rain will throw object !
    > The ground is some time transparent ?! < I used a decal for the sand (here too it was a test) so it's transparent, but If you set Weather to Extra SUnny you should not notice it (except for some little area that I didn't hide yet)
    > the harbor look not finish is it ? < clearly not, I'm still devolping the island wich mean the harbor and the second part (the road that go nowhere cause i didn't deceid yet what I'll do of this area) will be mapped depending from the maax limit when I'll have finish harbor.
    > Some peds have animation but loading the map can make them turn off, then open your editor select the buged ped and just press enter (if animation dont work sure else its useless).
    > If you find glitch around the west side of the bridge you can report it (the cave over the bridge not compt since I'll upgrade it with the second part of island and that I know there is some)
    > Underwater ! Yes I didn't map underwater and I don't know if the max limit will permit me to do it so we will see.
    > My hear look overpowered isn't ? No that just the ground that give this huge noise at each feet ;P I'll try to find some better ground promise ;)
    > You can find a lot of gramar and verb error into my description, well I'm not english so deal with it, ask if you don't understand, and if ever some one would like to correct some fault I'm not against xP

    Pls remember the map was mainly a test and is still in developement so may i forget some little glitch but it will be updated ;)

    I hope you got everything.
    If ever you like the Idea don't hesitate to like and say it ! If you dislike don't say it xP Nah that a joke, I'll really enjoy any suggestion/ smart criticism cause that probably my worst project and I share it to get your opinion in order to improve my other project (Ive got like 12 other map under developement so keep an eye on but I just don't map everytime so don't be hurry it can be in some day like in some week :P) ! Don't forget to give your suggestion or opinion even if its not positiv !

    I would like thank Guadmaz and his awsome Map Editor but also GTA Multiplayer Team for Object Spawn Unlocker wich permit much more and K3nil for the 10K list.
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