DLS Lore-Friendly Vehicle Config Megapack [OUTDATED] v1.1


DLS configuration file megapack v1.1 by neversober81

IMPORTANT: Uninstall previous versions of the megapack to avoid conflicts

Please note some configs are broken due to updates to the vehicle packs.

The purpose of this pack is to make a large number of lore-friendly vehicles compatible with TheMaybeast's Dynamic Lighting System mod.

As such, you'll obviously need DLS, get it from the below link if you don't already have it:

You'll also need any of the below packs. You can use this mod even if you don't have all of the packs without any issues at all.

You can install the megapack even if you don't have all the supported cars - you can have configs for cars you don't have with no issues.

Supported Packs:
- 11-John-11's LSPD pack -
- 11-John-11's LSSD pack -
- Jacobmaate's FAT, SAHP, NOOSE, FIBP and USMS packs -
- Bozza's BCSO Pack -
- Bravo-1-Charlie's SA Park Ranger Pack, Landstalker pack & Unmarked Scout -
- Dusty Flop's LSPD Dual Purpose, LSIAPD and LSPP Packs -
- BeastyBill88's LSSD Coquette Pack -
- SAS994's BCSO, Paleto Bay Police, SEB Alamo, Buffalo S, LCPD, BCSO ghost and Retro Granger vehicle packs -
- Nacho's Vapid TARV -
- Neogeo39's LSPD Caracara Pack -
- Neogeo39's LSFD Yosemite -
- AllenKennedy's LSPD Tried & Tested Pack -
- AllenKennedy's BCFD Car Pack -
- IlayArye's Rockford Hill PD Pack -
- Fenton's Security Pack -
- Fenton's Police Speedo Express -
- Fenton's US Coast Guard Pack -
- AG-Mods LSPD Taxi -
- Stryfaar's Unmarked Dominator -
- Nacho's Paleto PD and SAMS packs -

Optional files included for the different lighting options in SAS's BCSO and PBSO packs

1. Make sure if you have any of my other DLS packs installed, you first uninstall them to avoid conflicts and crashes.
2. Drag and drop the plugins folder to your root directory.
3. Enjoy!

- Added configs by Fulant and updated some of them
- Added/updated configs for:
11_John_11's LSPD PAck 3.0
Beastybill's Corquette Pack
JacobMaate's FAT Pack
Dusty Flop's Dual Purpose Pack
SAS's Retro Granger Pack
- Added LSIA Yield feature to the configs so AI don't yield to stage 1.
- Changed some flash patterns/ TA patterns to be more accurate and/or interesting.
- Bug fixes

Message me on discord - neversober81 3494
Or for more general DLS issues, join the DLS Discord -
If you want to use the 5Mods comments for support, please tag me so that I'm notified of your comment.

TheMaybeast for his great plugin and support whenever I messed something up.
PNWParksFan for his revolutionary LiveLights plugin.
Fulant for suggesting and allowing inclusion of his configs.
w/, for the idea to make a megapack in the first place.
All the vehicle devs for their awesome vehicles/ vehicle packs.
Beta testers in the LoreHub discord for their help in fault finding.
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