AHTR - Timecycles Remaster 1.8



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- fixed totally black shadow on player in vehicle
- reworked other vanilla timecycle lighting
- added version with yellow artificial light at night
- changed reflections on vehicles and other metal surfaces

- New modification name
- Added a version with an artificial white glow at night on roads and buildings, and without
this glow
- Now the rest of the vanilla timecycles have received a dark night
- Night time during fog, rain and thunderstorms has been reworked

- Added "clear" timecycle which changes color in the evening
- "Extrasunny" minor changes

- Daytime FPS optimization

- Fixed fps drop problem in the evening and nighttime
- Slightly reduced surface brightness during the daytime

- corrected after evening colors
- corrected night sky colors
- corrected daytime colors

- Fixed exposure in tunnels

- now at night at 00:00 the surface is extremely dark.
- the weather at 18:00 now looks fresher.
- now the sun doesnt look huge because of the blur in the daytime.

- Fixed moon glow color

- Slightly weakened the light from beyond the horizon in the morning and evening in order to remove a bug from Rockstar when some bushes glowed
- Fixed some morning time bugs in rural areas
- Some minor changes

- the glow from white objects in the daytime has been reduced
- the fog in the horizon has been balanced, now it has become softer in the evening
- softened the sky gradient in the evening
- softened color of shadows during the daytime

- Evening sky improvements

- Fixed unnatural dust effects in the evening time

This mod takes the original timecycle (extrasunny) as a basis and changes some color schemes in it

1. Removed the yellow tint on the ground during the daytime.
2. The sky has become more saturated during the daytime.
3. The sunset has become more contrasting.
4. The shadow of the horizon line in the evening became more obvious against the background of buildings.
5. Removed fake orange light source on roads at night.
6. Areas not illuminated by street lights are now in darkness. (now you need a flashlight to see).
7. This mod will not change the color of streetlights!!!


Use OpenIV and drop file from archive in:

mods \ update \ update.rpf \ common \ data \ timecycle
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