RDE Expansion and Improvement pack [3.1.7] [OUTDATED] 1.1


Download it here:


This package contains several improvements and additional content for RDE.


List of the major features included:

  • New Wanted System:
    • When you are wanted, a search zone will appear around you (like GTA IV),
    • Leave the search zone unseen by the cops to lose them instantly,
    • Or stay hidden and wait for the cops to call off the search (it might take longer than usual).

  • Tweaked Police Search AI:
    • Cops will progressively search the player in a perimeter around your last seen location that slowly grows over time,
    • Cops will be less likely to cheat in order to find you,
    • Increased cops' cone vision.

  • Improved Police Vehicle and On-Foot General AI and dispatch:
    • While on a vehicle, cops will no longer ram you but instead they'll try to box you or use PIT manouvers,
    • Cops will now chase you at full speed,
    • Police and SWAT on foot will charge you less and use cover a bit more effectively,
    • Juggernauts will be more common but less tankier.
    • Police Helicopters will now need to refuel even at 4 and 5 stars (when before they had infinite fuel),
    • Police and SWAT will now use the megaphone from helicopters,
    • Police and SWAT will now use the megaphone while the player is on foot [SCRIPTS],
    • SWAT units will now use megaphones,
    • FIB Unmarked units will sometimes spawn at 4 stars on every zone,
    • FIB SWAT, NOOSE and NOOSE Juggernauts will now spawn at 5 stars as "heavy units" (blue dots on the map),
    • Reworked dispatch vehicles for every zone,
    • Added new weapon animations for police and SWAT units,
    • Civilians and cops will now react accordingly when player is holding a weapon [SCRIPTS],
    • Cops will now react to player's traffic violations (most of them must be enabled in MinorCrimesReporter.ini) [SCRIPTS].

  • Reworked Response Zones:
    • LSSD jurisdiction has been corrected in order to match the map provided by RDE,
    • Passing near Fort Zancudo, Bolingbroke Penitentiary, NOOSE HQ and Humane Labs will trigger their respective response zone,
    • Added Rockford Hills PD response zone (based on real life Beverly Hills PD),
    • Added Del Perro PD (based on real life Santa Monica PD) [Will only spawn on traffic].

  • Reworked Military vehicles weapons and AI:
    • Vehicles with explosive weapons will have much less accuracy (in order to avoid fast deaths),
    • Vehicles with Air Missiles will also have much less accuracy (allowing to fly helicopters and planes without instantly be taken down),
    • Military tanks, helicopters and jets will flee as soon as you leave your vehicle,
    • Many military vehicles weapon have been tweaked in order to be more realistic and balanced when used against the player.

  • Added Police K9 Units (with Advanced AI [SCRIPTS]):
    • Dogs will behave accordingly based on whether the player is on vehicle or not,
    • Dogs will not attack the player when deadly force is not authorized,
    • Dogs will search the player when hidden,
    • Dogs will have proper in-vehicle animations,
    • Dogs will also attack hostile NPCs.

  • Reworked explosion damage and physics:
    • Explosions will now deal progressively less damage the further you stay away from the center,
    • Tweaked explosion range for all types of explosion (Increased range by a lot for petrol tank explosions),
    • Tweaked damage values for each type of explosion (RPGs will deal more damage, grenades will deal less).

  • Reworked vehicle physics:
    • Vehicles will now deform in a more realistic way like in GTA IV,
    • Vehicle heavy damaged by explosions will sometimes catch on fire before exploding (instead of exploding immediantly),
    • Flying vehicles are now as resistent to bullets as normal ground vehicles,
    • Flying vehicles will no longer slowly die after their engine began smoking.

  • Melee combat tweaks:
    • Melee takedowns with non-blunt weapons (bats, nightstick, firearm melee, etc) will no longer kill 200 hp peds (such as cops, gangs and other hostile groups),
    • Stealth takedowns are still a one hit kill,
    • Overall melee damage is reduced.

  • Added new types of police dispatch units
  • Added new types of roadblocks
  • Added police blips when player is not wanted (can be turned off on MinorCrimesReporter.ini) [SCRIPTS]
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes:
    • Fixed SWAT units "unawareness" when spawning on a roadblock,
    • Fixed an uncommon crash that can happen when trying to spawn juggernauts.
    • Fixed a problem that caused the Bolingbroke prison gates to not open, trapping the player inside.
    • Cops will no longer ram you when PIT are not yet authorized.
    • Military will no longer have their weapons removed when Deadly Force is not autorized,
    • Moved some more weapons in the "Heavy weapons" and "NotArmed weapons" categories,
    • Moved some more vehicles in the heavy vehicle classes category,
    • Increased ambient cops spawns on every zone,
    • Adjusted cops ambient spawn for every zone.
    • Fixed and improved some scenario events.


  • Vehicle Handling mods that replace handling.meta files for stock vehicles (vehicles already present in the default game, including dlcs) should be installed after this mod. Beware that by doing this the vehicles you modified will lose their special properties exclusive to this mod.
  • Weapon and Weapon Animations mods should work as long as you follow correctly the installation steps below.


Run the oiv file with OpenIV.
MAKE SURE to create backup of your Mods and Scripts folder before proceeding.

In order to avoid running in any problems, I suggest you to install your mods in the following order:
1. Install RDE
2. Install any other mods you like
3. Install this mod

For manual installation:
1. Rename the oiv file to zip file
2. Extract the zip file and pick the files


If you want to use a different gameconfig file from mine, make sure to change this entry:

< PoolName >ActionTable_Damages< /PoolName >
< PoolSize value="24" / >

into this:

< PoolName >ActionTable_Damages< /PoolName >
< PoolSize value="27" / >

Otherwise your game will CRASH on loading screen.


Credits to Dilapidated and the RDE team for the RDE mod and the gameconfig file used in this mod
Link to the mod:
Link to the gameconfig file:

Credits to CPast for the combattweaks.asi script (GTA IV style wanted system)
Link to the GitHub project:

Credits to Voit Turyv for the Police supercars used in this mod
Link for police vacca:
Link for police bullet:

Special thanks to Momit for helping me with testing and featuring my mod on his youtube channel
Link to his yt channel:
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