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Your game crashes when starting the story mode even with the Asi Loader X64?
I felt the same way. I tried several gameconfigs, but GTA5 always crashed. I read through many pages to find out what the problem could be and integrated the most important fixes.
Get mods to work with a new game config file.
Try this modified gameconfig and tell me if it works for you or not...
You need OpenIV or CodeWalker.
Extract the downloaded and put the .xml file inside \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

For most mods don't forget to install these too if not done yet:
Recommended. Adjust the heap size in .ini file (HEAP_SIZE = 10000)

Recommended. For large amount of mods set packfile_list_size = 42000

Give the game engine additional GPU Memory. Set value additionalGPUMemory=2400

Decals Limit-Patch and workaround against missing LODs in ymaps.

Patches Carcols and car shadow. Without this my game crashes in story mode. Nice function for testing purposes is DontLoadDLCs=0

Weapon Limits Adjuster
If installed AddonCars with weapons (military vehicles) set CWeaponInfoBlob = 1024 AND CWeaponComponentInfo = 2048. Without this game maybe crash when entering story mode or after spawn the vehicle

If using Addonpeds maybe you need the Asi Loader x64 from Github (replace dinput8.dll in your game directory) - Works fine with v7.2 - newer versions doesn't!

If you use the game version v1.0.3258.0 (June2024), use the nightly version `nightly.89` or later
This is also for make addonpeds L button working.

If you have trouble with starting the game you could test the Poolmanager too:

Changelog 1.0.3258.0
Adjusted some settings:
StackName>FMMC_LAUNCHER value 26000 to 27000
StackName>MULTIPLAYER_FREEMODE value 82500 to 85000
StackName>MISSION value 60500 to 62500
ResourceTypeName>PEDGROUP value 16 to 33
PoolName>ActionTable_Definitions value 310 to 336
PoolName>ActionTable_Results value 478 to 503
PoolName>InteriorInst value 900 to 1000
PoolName>InteriorProxy value 9110 to 9900
PoolName>carrec value 5500 to 6000
PoolName>CCargen value 8000 to 8500
PoolName>caihandlinginfo value 12 to 24
PoolName>caicurvepoint value 108 to 132
PoolName>MetaDataStore value 6100 to 6400
PoolName>Vehicles value 300 to 400
PoolName>VehicleStreamRequest value 240 to 480
PoolName>VehicleStreamRender value 240 to 480
PoolName>VehicleStruct value 600 to 800
PoolName>HandlingData value 5250 to 6250
PoolName>cweaponcomponent value 440 to 540
MaxCompEntityModelInfos value="500" to 600
MaxMloInstances value="28000" to 29000
MaxMloModelInfos value="12220" to 13220
MaxPedModelInfos value="12725" to 13725
MaxTimeModelInfos value="1800" to 2000
MaxVehicleModelInfos value="15320" to 16320
MaxWeaponModelInfos value="12115" to 13115
MaxExtraPedModelInfos value="12350" to 13350
MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos value="17500" to 18500
MaxExtraWeaponModelInfos value="12610" to 13610
ArchiveCount value="11784" to 14784

Uploaded version with double amount of traffic cars/peds (2x)
increased PoolSize for Peds from 512 to 768
increased AmbientPedsMultiplier_Base from 70 to 140
increased AmbientPedsMultiplier from 100 to 200
increased MaxTotalPeds from 200 to 300
increased VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier_Base from 66 to 132
increased VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier from 100 to 200
increased PhysicalStreamingBuffer from 1008 to 2016
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