Golf club with powerful force

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This just a weapons.meta file which you can use your golf club in game with powerful force, and I make this just to play with Monkey-king bar which you can find it here: .
The force value I used in this file is 3000 which I just draw on the experience of the other mod:Trevor's Magic Bat which you can find it here: .
Cause when I use 4000 on my first try, there was nothing happening.

这只是一个我用来玩金箍棒的weapons.meta文件,你可以在游戏里使用具有洪荒之力的高尔夫球棒,另附金箍棒连接: 。
文件里使用的力度数值为3000,因为我在第一次尝试的时候使用的是4000,进去游戏发现什么都没发生,和普通的高尔夫球棒无异,遂借鉴另一位作者的mod(Trevor's Magic Bat )所使用的3000数值,发现效果很棒,连接在此:。

Use openIV and replaced it to the mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai. (Which I recommend to use mods folder)

使用OpenIV将文件替换到mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai. (我推荐使用mods文件夹)

Hope you like it!
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