Police Response & Tactics Overhaul ✔ More than just a PIT FIX!


More than just a PIT FIX!

=== About ===

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul, is more than just a PIT fix, it refines the entire police system to fix what Rockstar Games has never fixed years ago. After a month in development since Experimental Release 0.1, I'm sure you'll be thankful for the amount of changes and dedication I put in.

===Origins ===

The original intent of this mod was to fix how police pursued the player in vehicular chases via using PIT.

In the default combattasks.ymt, police are far more likely to ram the back of your vehicle instead of attempting to spinout or block your vehicle in front of you.

WeightToRamFromPursue value="2.00000000"
WeightToBlockFromPursue value="1.00000000"
WeightToSpinOutFromPursue value="1.00000000"
WeightToPullAlongsideFromPursue value="1.00000000"

This is now changed to this,

WeightToRamFromPursue value="0.00000000"
WeightToBlockFromPursue value="3.00000000"
WeightToSpinOutFromPursue value="2.00000000"
WeightToPullAlongsideFromPursue value="2.00000000"

As you can see, Police are far more likely to use smarter tactics, instead of mindlessly ramming your vehicle from behind.

So far since 0.1 Experimental Release, the mod has incorporated many features in order to overhaul the Police AI, and its dispatch system. This is more than just a PIT FIX!

=== Compatibility ===

✔ Better Chases
✔ World of Variety - Install first, then this mod. Highly Recommended.
½ Handling Mods - Instructions inside archive. Handling.meta is required for police to use searchlight.
✖ LSPDFR - Mod wont be noticeable, since LSPDFR uses its own police AI.

=== Requirements! ===

You need a gameconfig to run this mod. I recommend,

World of Variety's Addon Vehicles Gameconfig


Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles

If your having issues with crashing, try these mods below.


Packfile Limit Adjuster

=== Recommendations ===

Better Chases+ - Highly recommended for safer police AI

Stop Shitting Bricks - Stops drivers from being idiots when shots are fired.

AI Traffic Fluidity Discipline - Stops drivers from being idiots in general.

Gangland - Enhances general AI.

Raider's Bystanders are Ignorant Pieces of Shit - Makes bystanders not focus on your actions.

Alternative Badass Wanted Music Themes - For more epic police shootouts.

Raider's Radio Report - No negotiations with terrorists.

=== Editions ===

--- Full Release --- The Impressive Expanded form of the mod.
- Everything is included, from dispatch system overhaul to AI enhancements.

--- Lite Edition --- The Original Intended form of the mod, compatible with almost everything.
- No Dispatch System Overhaul included.
- No add-on vehicles, or peds.
- No requirements for game-configs or other modifications.
- Retains all the core features of AI Enhancements.

=== Most Notable Features ===

--- Realistic Response & Tactics ---

- Police will now utilize PIT, such as blocking, boxing, or spinning out your vehicle and will no longer mindlessly ram you.
- Police will now search for at your last location, if not found, a large search area will be generated around the player. This will make the police search in said search area, and not go directly to the player's hiding spot.
- Police are generally less hostile less than 3 stars, and will most likely always arrest you inside an immobile automobile.
- Police will now use their searchlights to disorientate the player at night.
- Police are now much faster and more efficient pursuing the player on-foot, making chases on-foot challenging and intense.
- Helicopters now take 3-4x longer to respawn.

--- Combat ---
- Specific combat behaviours for different branches of AI.
- Gang members are now much more reckless. Officers now behave realistically in a trained manner.
- AI now punches faster, with the ability to counter attack or dodge much more often.
- Police and other AI take cover faster and for longer pinned down by gunfire.

--- Stealth is now an option ---

- AI now has realistic perception and senses. You can now sneak behind AI without them noticing.
- Decreased identification range for all AI to emulate realistic hiding in cars.
- All crimes now have to be witnessed and be reported to the police.
- Witnesses take longer to dial 911.
- Emergency services, such as ambulances and the fire department take much longer to respond to the scene. Making stealth kills more immersive.

--- The New Dispatch System Overhaul---

- Includes lore friendly vehicles and peds from different agencies in the GTA universe.
- Better transitions between each star! Each star now lasts long enough to build up for five!.
- Police no longer forget about a wanted terrorist shortly after a massacre. At five stars, they will have a serious manhunt for the player for a longer duration of time..
- Lots of optional files to customize what you like!

=== Credits ===

Special Thanks to all the modder's below.

- Sharing ideas and variables for features never seen before.

- Bug testing.

- Mapped Vapid Police Interceptor,
Edited by me for police spotlight.

- Mapped Police Bravado Gresley, and Mapped Police Bravado Buffalo.
Edited by me for police spotlight and for an unmarked version.
- Base Models and textures from SEB SWAT, NOOSE TRU and LSPD SWAT.

- Base Models and textures.

Bad Company
- Base Models and textures from Enhanced US Army and Enhanced GIGN. (Helmet, Vest, Torso.)

- Base Models and textures from LS/LA County Sheriff's Department. (Badge Texture.)

=== Changelog ===

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 4.0b Hotfix

- Fixed crashing when Sheriff Vapid Interceptor spawns at 3 stars.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 4.0 - The Wrench Update

Police Dispatch System

- Bravado Buffalo now join the chase at 3 stars, along with a new sheriff variant, a new light setup, and a searchlight.
- Marked Declasse Grangers eqipped with a searchlight now join the chase at 5 stars, replacing the Bravado Gresley.
- Increased Police spawn distance.


- Bravado Gresley (LSPD, LSSD) now have a new light setup.
- Umarked Declasse Granger now has a push bar and a new light setup.
- NOOSE Riots now has improved livery.
- Fixed Declasse Granger and Vapid Interceptor's indestructible glass and optimized lods.
- Fixed Riots having Crusader sounds.

Lite Edition 1.1

- Increased Police spawn distance.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.6b Hotfix - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Fixed changes not made to Default Configuration Dispatch.meta
- Replaced s_m_y_swat_01 to s_m_y_noose_01 at roadblocks.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.6 - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Fixed Installation path in readme for vehiclemodelsets.meta
- Fixed Police not spawning at four stars or higher.
- Fixed occasional crashes with encounters with NOOSE HRU via meta file optimizations to not require World of Variety's Vehicle Add-on gameconfig.
- Removed the need for World of Variety's Vehicle Add-on gameconfig via meta file optimizations, decreasing pool size.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.5 - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Fixed Roadblock Apc's from firing Valkyrie rounds to APC missiles.
- Fixed Police not despawning when they should be. (Lingering literally miles away from your location.)
- Slightly lowered thresholds between 2-3 stars, increased thresholds between 4-5 stars.
- Added MG Apc's to military response.
- Added Riot spawning at Fort Zancudo optional file fix.
- Added Safety glasses to NOOSE HRU.
- Removed Safety glasses from FIB SWAT.
- Removed optional Easy Evasion times.
- Removed Standalone PIT Edition (Included in Lite Edition)

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.4 - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Lowered NOOSE HRU's health to more realistic levels.
- Seperated Two modules of the mod. Lite Edition and Full Release.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.3 - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Added back and fixed unique perimeter AI sets for NOOSE HRU, They will not take cover, and will always charge toward the player while giving covering fire.
- Fixed Sheriff Helicopter not spawning.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.2d Hotfix - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Removed unique perimeter sets for NOOSE HRU AI that caused crashing at five stars.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.2c Hotfix - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Fixed metadata files in the wrong location when installing.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.2b Hotfix - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Fixed major bug where game crashes upon entering vehicle due to incompatible gameconfigs.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.2 - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Changed NOOSE HRU's bump into ragdoll to false. You can no longer push them out of the way.
- Removed increased random events, possible root to crashing due to increased memory usage and is not relevant to the mod.
- Slightly increased the amount peds that can throw tear gas at once by law enforcement.
- Slightly decreased the amount peds can chase the player at a time, this creates more exciting chases, as police cars are now re dispatched more often.
- Adjusted search parimeter's to be closer to the player so law enforcement wont despawn searching for the player, causing new law enforcement to spawn and making them know exactly where the player is hiding.
- Slightly increased police spawn frequency.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.1 - The Bigger Guns Update.

- Fixed major bug where game crashes at five stars.
- Fixed Searchlight model not appearing on vehicles.
- APC's are dispatched more rarely.
- APC's at roadblocks has less firerate.
- Reorganized and added optional files for NO APCs.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 3.0 - The Bigger Guns Update.

- NOOSE HRU is a new heavy armoured assault unit with extremely heavy duty armor, equipped with heavy loadouts that are more then capable of suppressing the player.
- Comes with all new reckless AI and tactics.

Police Dispatch System
- Overhauled Military response at Fort Zancudo, from mesas and crusaders to APCs.
- Military will now respond overseas at five stars instead of the US Coast Guard.
- FIB Buffalos and Staniers now join the chase at four stars.
- FIB Buffalos, Staniers and Gresleys now have colour variations.
- NOOSE TRU now respond in RIOT Vans, utilizing a 3 unit team.
- Slightly lowered wanted thresholds.

AI Behavioural Changes
- Removed time delay to chase on foot.
- Removed time delay to take cover.
- Police automobiles are faster while pursuing the player.
- Increased driving ability of police automobiles.
- Police automobiles and helicopter senses have been increased for more intense chases.
- Police automobiles now start PIT from further away and are now faster during PIT.
- Slightly increased identification range for Police automobiles, decreased for Police on foot.
- Slightly increased view cone angle of AI.
- Rebalanced Combat Behaviours for AI.
- Police now try to bust you more often inside an automobile.
- AI can now melee you from further away. (Lunge attack.)
- Police searching for the player act more random.

- It now takes 3.5 seconds instead of 0.6 seconds for the busted animation to play while still on foot being under arrest. This should prevent random busting during foot chases.
- Reskinned NOOSE Annihilator and FIB Frogger to resemble more of its real life counterpart.
- Increased probability of random events occuring.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 2.1c - The Counter-Terrorism Update

- Increased time for helicopter to respawn after destroyed from 1:30 minutes to 2 minutes.
- Rebalanced armour points for all police AI, making them less beefy.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 2.1b - The Counter-Terrorism Update

- Decreased NOOSE TRU Black APC damage and increased fire rate.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 2.1 - The Counter-Terrorism Update

- Fixed Helicopter Count on hardcore police spawn at 4 stars.
- Drastically increased the time it takes for a helicopter to try and respawn again.
- Adjusted AI multipliers and reduced all AI accuracy slighty, and SWAT and Army moderately.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 2.0 - The Counter-Terrorism Update

Refined and Overhauled the Police Dispatch System.
+ Added lore friendly vehicles and peds from different agencies in the GTA Universe.
- Better transitions between each star! Each star now lasts long enough to build up for five!.
- Police no longer forget about a wanted terrorist shortly after a massacre. At five stars, they will have a serious manhunt for the player for a longer duration of time.

Combat Behavioural Changes
- Law Enforcement are now much more aggressive at 5 stars. Tactical Response Units will fire fully automatically to suppress the player.
- Police Interceptors, and SUV's will now use searchlights on their vehicles to disorientate the player at night.
- Police PIT faster and more efficiently.
- Police pursue onfoot faster and more efficiently.
- Adjusted AI max cover distances for optimal firefight ranges.
- Adjusted AI Combat Behaviours to stand out from each other. AI with little training, such as a pedestrian, will fire out of cover more likely, unaccurately, and in wider intervals. AI such as NOOSE TRU, will only fire from cover accurately, avoiding exposing themselves to gunfire.
- Slightly increased amount of AI that can charge at the player at once.
- Slightly lowered distances between the player and police following behind during a pursuit and minimum distance to begin PIT.
- Reduced accuracy for SWAT and Army.
- Swat and Army can now shoot at a farther distance.
- Police now despawn further away, and can also respond to crimes further away.

Stealth Fixes
- Crimes now conducted by the player now have to be witnessed, as well as being reported to the police for the player to obtain a wanted level.
- Adjusted pedestrian AI seeing range to match with wanted level cop senses range.
- Reduced encroachment range of AI sensing players without seeing them drastically.
- Instantly starts evasion time when crime has been reported.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul 1.5

+ Added an optional file for GTA 5 Default Helicopter Flying Altitude.
- Decreased helicopter flying altitude.
- Slightly decreased police senses with new increased police spawning distances to emulate a realistic response time.
- Randomized where the police will spawn. Making the player surrounded at higher wanted levels in the search zone..
- Removed optional files for GTA 5 Default Police Senses.
* Fixed close police spawn distance from the player

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - 1.4

+ Added More Optionals,
+ GTA 5 Default Police Senses.
+ GTA 5 Default Police Senses & GTA 5 Default Police Spawn Frequency.
+ GTA 5 Default Police Senses & Hardcore Police Spawn Frequency.
- Decreased Police Senses.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - 1.3b

- Increased distance for Police to begin PIT.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - 1.3

- AI now punch faster, increased counter attack and dodge probability.
- Adjusted AI Accuracy multipliers.
- Decreased police helicopter flying altitude.
- Police will now follow further away from the player's vehicle during pursuit, allowing police to make quicker, and smoother turns.
- Police will now correct themselves drifting to turn sharp corners smoother.
- Removed experimental values from 0.1 and 1.0 leftover.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - 1.2

- Increased duration of AI pinned down under suppressive fire.
- Increased distance for effect pinning down AI via suppressive fire or killing other AI.
- Increased police helicopter flying altitute.
- Increased police spawn distance for more realistic response times.
- Police helicopters now have to refuel at all wanted levels. Refuel time is dependant based on wanted level.
- Police and other AI now have a realistic perception of senses of eye sight. They now perfer to look towards the ground more, not spotting you ontop of a 5 story building.
- Cleaned PIT parimeters for less accidental ramming.
* Fixed bugged identification range senses for SWAT AI.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - 1.1

- Increased time for witness to call police.
+ Added Optionals,
+ Optional Standalone PIT Edition.
+ Hardcore Police Spawn Frequency.
+ Random Events Tweak.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - 1.0

- Initial Release

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - Prerelease 1.0

- Increased chances of PIT.
- Increased police onfoot chase speed pursuing the player.
- Increased effectiveness of suppressive fire.
- Increased Police despawn range further away to emulate police investigating your last known position.
- Decreased Police automobile speed searching for player.
- Decreased identification range for all AI to emulate realistic hiding in cars during out-of-sight timer
- Police will now apprehend the player up to 3 stars inside an immobile automobile.
- Increased police senses range to spot the player further away once already found.
- Helicopters now take 3x longer to respawn when destroyed.
- Intensified police responses by decreasing the spawn frequency and spawning slightly closer to the player.
* Fixed bug player and ai glitched behind cover.

Police Response & Tactics Overhaul - 0.1 Experimental Release.

- Removed police ramming the player.
- Increased chances of police boxing, blocking or spinning out the players automobile.
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