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Been a minute!

This new version of the mod no longer requires PRSA to be installed! Simply download NVE and the NVE enb files, then install this mod's contents directly into the main directory folder.

This enb preset aims for realism. It is based off L00's PRSA preset which has long been out of date. I used this preset as a springboard, however I've altered nearly every enb parameter to try and deliver a modern version of his work.

Cars won't be over saturated or always looking waxed, I'm aiming for real-to-life visuals. At night headlights are actually functional and necessary for any night driving. Taillights shine off the road. Textures appear deeper (cracks on the road actually look like cracks now). Chrome is chromier. And of course, rain makes everything shiny (yeah yeah I know, wet roads are overdone).


Required: Natural Vision Evolved (NVE) from RazedMods website / patreon.

Install NVE and the NVE enb series, then drag and drop the contents of my mod into the main directory where the GTA5 .exe is located. It should ask if you want to replace files (do that!). Run the game and see how it looks!

Based on: L00's PRSA:

My Specs: i7 6700K, 16gb DDR4, GTX 1070. This preset drops my frames down by about 15fps. Runs at about 24 - 30 fps in more intensive conditions. I've set this preset to be max quality for everything, but may make a performance optimized version later.

Bugs: None that I know of, but it's been a while so please let me know! :)

Photos: My preset first, without second.
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