San Andreas Ultimate Backup [EUP] Complete Edition 4.3


This Emergency Uniforms Pack (EUP) Backup Configuration "San Andreas Ultimate Backup [EUP] Complete Edition 4.3" replicates the use of the lore-friendly police agencies and emergency services from Grand Theft Auto V without the need for extra jurisdiction modifications for LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response)

Configured for Law & Order 8.2 + Serve & Rescue 1.4

Featuring 50 plus exclusive departments and agencies for all of your LSPDFR needs!

You can use WINRAR or 7-ZIP to open the modification files

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If installing for the first time or updating to 4.3 please install all files from the San Andreas Ultimate Backup [EUP] Complete Edition folder

Backup Options:

All departments come with sub-division uniforms: Air Unit/SWAT/etc.


Coroner (EUP)

Del Perro Police Department (EUP)

Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) (EUP)
Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) (EUP)

Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSSD) (EUP)
Los Santos County Fire Department (LSCFD) (EUP)

Los Santos International Airport Police Department (EUP)

Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) (EUP)
Blaine County Fire Department (BCFD) (EUP)

Rockford Hills Police Department (EUP)

Los Santos Port Authority (EUP)

San Andreas State Parks (SASP) (EUP)


San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (SADCR) (EUP)

San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) (EUP)
San Andreas Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (EUP)


Border Patrol (EUP)

Drug Observation Agency (DOA) (EUP)
Drug Observation Agency Agent (EUP)
Drug Observation Agency SRT (EUP)
Drug Observation Agency Task Force (EUP)

Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau Police (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau K9 Police (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau SWAT (ATU) (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau Task Force (EUP)

International Affairs Agency (IAA) (EUP)

International Affairs Agency Agent (IAA) (EUP)

National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) (EUP)
National Office of Security Enforcement SEP Units (EUP)
National Office of Security Enforcement PIA (EUP)


Coast Guard (EUP)
National Guard (EUP)

Special Units:

Dirt Bike Police (EUP)
Gruppe Sechs (EUP)
LS Lifeguards (EUP)
Riot Police (EUP)
San Andreas State Parks Lifeguard (SASP) (EUP)
San Andreas Medical Services (EUP)

This EUP Backup Config currently offers Class A uniforms alongside Class B and Class C for all of the police agencies and departments.

All Class A Uniforms come with campaign hats and rank (Insignia) variations including, but not limited to:

LSPD: Officer, Officer III, Officer III 1, Detective I, Detective II, Detective III, Sergeant I, Sergeant II, Lieutenant, and Captain
LSSD: Deputy, Deputy II, Sergeant I, Sergeant II, Lieutenant, and Captain
BCSO: Deputy, Senior Deputy, Sergeant I, Sergeant II, Lieutenant, and Captain
SAHP: Officer, Sergeant I, Lieutenant, and Captain

Closing Statements:

You can rename the vehicle files by locating " < VehicleSet > " in Ultimate Backup or " < Vehicles > " (without spaces) in the LSPDFR data folder and agency XML.

Please check out the mod showcase video on my YouTube channel @JoeCWilson017 to preview this modification before you install it!

All links are available on my Discord server too!

What's New in Version 4.3

Added FIB K9 Uniform In EUP Menu
Adjusted Dirt Bike Uniforms
Cleaned Up Default Backup Menu
Cleaned Up Duty Selection Menu
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