Simple Realistic Reshade for GTA5 4.7

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Simple Reshade custom shaders for GTA5
This shading makes GTA5 much colorful but with better shading, details and lighting effects.

This simple mod intended to be use with pure Reshade only.

an optional for more realistic you may using ENB (my preset files are included in zipped file).

Some friends also reported this simple mod is work so well with Natural Vision or GTA5 Redux.

How to install:
- Clean-up\move your previous all Reshade files and configuration (if you already installed it) from GTA5 folder before install this mod
- Download and install Reshade from
- DO NOT install any packages, just choose "Skip" button. We are only need a binary file named dxgi.dll
- Extract these files into where your game executable (GTA5.exe) resides.
- Run the game!

(Optional) ENB:
- my presets for the car body and rain water reflections are in the "Optional ENB preset" folder.
- You may download GTA5 ENB v0.387 ( from
- From "" extract all files inside "WrapperVersion" folder into where your game executable (GTA5.exe) resides
- then overwrite the default preset files with mine ("enbseries.ini" and "enblocal.ini" from "Optional ENB Preset" folder)
- you may save some extra fps by disabling ENB high-quality MSAA. Open my "enblocal.ini" file with notepad then change HighQualityMSAA=true to HighQualityMSAA=false

Command Keys:
- INSERT : Toggle Effects ON/OFF (default: ON)
- PAUSE : Toggle Realtime result comparison (left = Vanilla/Mod OFF right = with Mod ON)
- DELETE : Toggle LUT ON/OFF (default: OFF, if you love warm lighting then you may turn it ON. This LUT give a mimic of yellow sun-light or yellow lamp)
- END : to Show up Reshade UI, so you can adjust Color Saturation, Light Intensity, and Dark Level to fit your monitor/your liking.
- SHIFT and F12 : Toggle ENB effects ON/OFF (default: ON)

I hope you like it :)

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