Varig 777 livery pack

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Paint pack for 777-200ER made by me.
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This aircraft has bugs that to date have not been resolved.

If you want to read a summary about the history of the aircraft, it is at the end of the description.


777-200ER: Zackintosh & bushiido444
livery: Cia Brasil

A little history of these aircraft.

PP-VRB: It was the second to be received new from the factory, debuting on the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo-Paris-Amsterdam route, in April 2006 it was withdrawn from operation and then transferred to AeroMéxico operating until today.

PP-VRA: It was the first to be received by Varig in November 2001, and on the 13th of the same month the aircraft was presented to the public between Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, in April 2006 due to Varig's financial crisis the plane was stopped by justice after taking the Munich-São Paulo-Rio route in January and then transferred to AeroMéxico, operating until today.
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