Hitman 2 : Sniper Assassin Agent 47 Update 4

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[Update 4]:
This changes some things slightly.
This is perfect and no i wont update this.
There are 3 face textures. See for yourself 1st one is perfect..
The aim is to recreate Agent 47's face textures.. to the new ones
in Hitman 2 (2018)

!!OLD SCREENSHOTS DELETED!! (Of Requiem and All other outfits.)
Alot of work and 24 hours of work has been put into this modification..
appreciate the work..
[Update 4 October 2019. More than 48 hours worked. Ofc man cmon]

Changelog :-
4th August 2018 :- Initial release (BETA 1.0)
5th August 2018 :- Skin color/hand color/outfit texture quality increased..
Re-Made the face texture with different colors. as 9more varities the color is dope now !!!
lets get onto another work
7th August 2018 :- Skin color of 47 is totally accurate af now.. it wont be changed now.. So done with the face
texture and body texture.. now for more clothing that will come in next updates

!!UPDATE 4!! :-
15th October 2019 :- Done with stuff. His skin color looks perff now.
Three variations of face included. The first one is the perfect texture. See the 2nd and 3rd too to see which you like
the best.

CREDITS :-pluntonmania for the mod

myself for the overhaul.

1. (Update 4) No need to download Plutonmania's orignal mod. This time just install this mod and you're good. !
2.Install it. but dont replace trevor, replace Michael..
3.inside the player_zero folder in x64v.rpf, Drag and drop files from hitman 2 agent 47 and appereances
folder into player_Zero folder
4.Replace the head_000_r.ydd in mppatchesng dlc :- dlc.rpf < x64 < models < cdimages
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