Lincoln Clay Scar Face Pack for Franklin

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If you want all of the face textures without the scar Click Here

This only has the bald face textures cause i can't take parts out of the actual haircut meshes so it would just look weird since hair wouldn't grow on the scarred tissue.

franklins bald face textures but with Zippo's Chiseled & Grizzled Face for Franklin Texture overlayed accordingly.

Also optional textures with phatplayxxl's Franklin Face Gang Tattoos overlayed onto zippos texture.

And now the bald face textures with the tats from phatplay and the chissled and grizzled textures overlayed with crossfire123 's Franklin Mafia 3 Lincoln scar

I know.. Overlay inception but all of these face textures make franklin look bad ass when combined.

The haircut is not drawn in with the face texture it is a seperate haircut that you can download in the recommendations tab.

Of course all credit goes to ZiPPO RAiD and phatplayxxl as well as crossfire123 since all i did was overlay their textures.


Choose whichever one you want and install here:



-Dope body tattoos for franklin:
HD Tattoos for Michael/Trevor/Franklin
Tattoos tribal set for Franklin
Franklin's Rap Legend Body Tattoos
High quality Tattoo pack for franklin
OG Abel's Tattoos for Franklin

-Clothing mod used for franklin that you can't see in the screens:
Alternate Clothing Pack for Franklin

-Jacket used for franklin in the screen:
Mafia 3 Inspired Army Jacket for Franklin

-Haircut used in the screens:
New Haircuts for Franklin
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