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The mod allows you to create 30 bodyguards. Bodyguards have different weapons and a lot of health (10000 of health). Bodyguards will not writhe and will not die at the same time. They can fight for a very long time. All bodyguards follow the player. These are 29 representatives of Grove and Trevor.

Trevor has laser weapons and power suit. Trevor's energy suit that does not activate immediately, but only when Trevor starts the fight. When Trevor's power suit is activated, the game's camera switches to Trevor for a few seconds. The power suit provides significant protection for Trevor. Thanks to the energy armor, Trevor also does not fall from bullets hitting him.

Trevor is the strongest and most equipped bodyguard. Trevor even has rockets that he uses against police helicopters and military vehicles. If the target is successfully detected by the rocket's electronics, the rocket automatically pursues the target and tries to destroy it.

Trevor will appear if your main character is not Trevor. If you control Trevor, then a representative of Grove will appear instead of Trevor.

Also, this mod increases the health of the player and gives him a laser weapon.

The mod has a menu. In the menu you can see several items. You can spawn one bodyguards group. But you can dissolve the group. After that, you will again be able to spawn a new group. You can also teleport the group to yourself.

You can teleport the player to Waypoint. To do this, you must open the game map and place a Waypoint. If you have a group of bodyguards, they will then also teleport to the player.

The teleportation function for GTA 5 is not very easy to do. For teleportation, it is not enough to use the native teleportation function or set the position for the player. It also requires a collision call. But a collision at a very distant position may not appear immediately. Therefore, there is 10 seconds for the teleportation attempt. If collision is not enabled within this time, you will see a teleportation error message. You can try to teleport again.

Since version 2.4 you can now set a key to open and close the mod menu. Press Numpad 2 or Numpad 8 to navigate. Press Numpad 5 to select option.

You can control bodyguards. You can tell them where to throw Molotov cocktails. You can turn on Molotov mode with the E key. You can also turn off the Molotov mode using the E key. You no longer need to hold the E key - this was in the old version of the mod.

When the Molotov mode is running, you will see the M letter on the display on the left. In Molotov mode, since version 2.6 of this mod, bodyguards themselves will run up to targets at the right distance in order to shower targets with Molotov cocktails.

While the Molotov mode is on, bodyguards have no new tasks to follow the player. Bodyguards may, for other reasons, still walk or run some distance. But then they will wait for your command to throw cocktails. In order for them to throw cocktails, you can aim from any weapon. Cocktails will be thrown at the position you aim at.

If the Molotov mode is off, then the bodyguards will shoot at the position you are aiming at.


Added Polish language.

Improved Molotov mode. Now when the Molotov mode is working, you will see the M letter on the left. Now the Molotov mode can be turned on or off only if there are bodyguards. In Molotov mode, bodyguards will now be able to run towards the target themselves to throw Molotov cocktails at the target if they were too far away from the target at the time of the player's command.

Also, now firefighters will extinguish not only the player or bodyguards, but also fire on the ground, on vehicles and objects, if this fire is close enough to the bodyguards or the player.

Fixed a bug due to which on large displays the text of the setup menu went beyond the border of the display.
Added a teleport to Waypoint function.
Trevor's rockets have been changed. Now the rockets first fly up, and then abruptly change direction to pursue the target. Rockets now with sound. Changed particle effects for rockets.

First of all, the compatibility of the mod with the latest version of GTA 5 is ensured.

Added Russian language. I really wanted and want to add the Ukrainian language, but I found that the game does not support the Ukrainian language. Some Ukrainian letters are replaced with squares. But I will look for ways to solve this problem. You can choose the language when you first start the game after installing the mod, or if you delete the settings file and then start the game again.

After the first launch of the game or after deleting the settings file, you can see a menu in which you can select not only the language, but also the key to open the mod menu.

Also improved the code for anti-helicopter rockets.

Improved some code. For example, the code for the girl with the fireworks. Fireworks now also have different effects.

Bodyguards can no longer be targets for Molotov cocktails. In the previous version, there was a problem: if some bodyguards were accidentally targets of the protagonist while the E key was pressed, then other bodyguards threw Molotov cocktails at their people.

An interesting new feature has also been added: if a vehicle gets 5 or more Molotov cocktails, it is possible to see a huge fire.

Also, bodyguards are now better at throwing Molotov cocktails into tanks. You can go with them to the military base and check it out. If the tank is close, the bodyguards will throw a lot of Molotov cocktails even without your command.

This version adds several new features.

You can immediately see the new items in the menu. Now you can quickly increase the wanted level or clear the wanted level using the mod. The girl with flares now uses fireworks, which she throws at police cars and any enemies. And Trevor is now launching smart anti-helicopter missiles. These missiles themselves are looking for actual targets. Also, these missiles can attack tanks.

These are not all new opportunities. The bodyguards started using Molotov cocktails. You can control bodyguards. In order for the bodyguards to throw Molotov cocktails at the desired targets, press the E key and continue to hold it, and then aim the main character's weapon at the target. Targets can be peds, vehicles and some objects. While you press the E key, the bodyguards cannot be damaged by fire and the bodyguards do not follow the main character. At this time, it is more convenient for bodyguards to throw Molotov cocktails. If you aim the main character's weapon at the target and do not press the E key, then the bodyguards will fire at the target from another weapon. Remember that bodyguards are not here with unlimited possibilities. Therefore, when you make the command to throw Molotov cocktails, the bodyguards begin to use cocktails only when they can.

A completely new menu for the mod has been made. The mod is optimized for the new version of the game and for ScriptHookVDotNet v3.0.4.

This version is completely rewritten. Version should be more stable. If you see a failure - if less than 30 bodyguards load, you can dismiss the group and try again to create a new one.

Trevor will only appear if your main character is not Trevor. But if your main character is Trevor, then this will not affect the size of the group. Instead of Trevor, then you will see another representative of Grove.

Also, the group can follow your main character on other cars. But while this function does not work very well.

One of the bodyguards now uses throwing weapons (flares and snowballs).

Added two members with fire extinguishers. They do not fight, but only extinguish the bodyguards and the main character (if they are on fire).

Also, Trevor now has a fire extinguisher.

Copy the 30Bodyguards.dll file to Grand Theft Auto V \ scripts.
For the latest version of the mod to work, you need to install ScriptHookVDotNet v3.6.0.
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