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Hello there i would like to provide everyone today with my Detective Job mod
which is in Early Access !

For further questions dm me on Instagram @suntraull
Feel free to give me ideas on more updates to the mod
If you find any bug please let me know so i can fix it !

Also, I can do custom mods price range 5-15$ depending
on how complicated you want the script to be !
Discord- raul#7698

With this mod you can start working as a detective
Investigate Murders
Solve Crimes ...
Arrest Killers
Interogate Civils

- Download the archive .rar
- Extract DetectiveJob.dll to your main directory
into the scripts folder(you should create one if you dont have it)
- Extract DeteciveJob.ini and the folder in the scripts folder !
- You will need to configure your license plate
by opening DetectiveJob.ini you will have
instructions there !
- You will need to configure your Detective name
by opening DetectiveJob.ini you will have
intructions there !

ScriptHookV by AB Software Dev. :
ScriptHookVDotNet by crosire :
NativeUI by Guad :
OpenAllInteriors by NewTheft :

Enter story mode and 2 blips appear on the map
1 - LAPD Station(Los Angeles Police Dept. Station)
2 - Detective Office
Go in the blue blip in the Detective Office and
a menu will appear telling you to start
working as Jackson Thomas
If you want to change yourself to citizen
go in the blue blip in the Detective Office
and an option will apear "Change to Citizen"

Early Accessv3.1
- Added a new Crime !
- Gramatically fix :)
- More bugs and glitches fix

Early Accessv2.0
- Added a new Crime !
- Lot of new features
- Bugs and glitch fix

Early Accessv1.5
- Added a new Crime !

Early Accessv1.2
- Fixed lots of bugs
- Added Animation when inspecting the corpse

Early Access
- Current Release

Known Bugs:
1. Not a known bug.

Coming soon !
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