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Driver Mod v1.8
Hi Guys this is the first mod I created! Please don't rate low and instead report bugs and I will try my best to fix them.

Well this is a driver mod that makes another ped drive a car instead of you to the waypoint or just drive around.

Difference from VAutoDrive
No difference. You are better off with that mod.


How to fly planes
The method is more or less like VAutoDrive. Go to the runway start position, and over there set a waypoint directly forward it. Open up the menu, go to Airplane Flying, and create the driver. Then, you can change how you want him to fly(modes) and also set the max speed. After you are done, just click Fly In Plane and off you'll go!!!!


nitial Release

- Added Script On/Off toggle with notifications
- Redid the part where the driver just spawns in the vehicle seat and instead Walk to the car and get in.
- Redid the spawning position of the driver(fixed bug where driver might not enter vehicle)
- Again, redid the deleting of the driver and instead make him exit car and just walk around
- AI driver now avoids traffic instead of bumping into them
- Bug fixes

- You can now shoot while the AI driver is driving.

- INI support! You can now customize keys(along with other options):
- You can choose if you want to put the script on or off at start
- Added features:
You can stop temporarily without making the driver go away(Key: K)
You can now kick the driver out and get back to driver seat(Key: L)
- Instead of plain old subtitles, I made all of them notifications

- Added Menu! You have to download NativeUI now.
- Added Option in menu to choose speed; You have 5 presets to choose from.
- Fixed Temporarily stopping bug.
- You can now switch seats in any vehicle using the L key

- You can now choose the driving style of the driver! It's in the menu

- Fixed temporarily stopping bug again.
- Perfected "Regain Control" function.
- Removed Script On/Off toggle

- Fixed the waypoint bug!!!! Now the car won't go around and around in circles when you rech the waypoint.
- Fixed when sometimes the driver doesn't go in a car, mainly the trucks.

- Added Flying/Airplane support!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck doing stunts with the cargo plane ;)
Note: Landing not added lol
- Fixed..... well almost everything. Bugs will arise (if they are just comment em). Notable things are:
1) You can't get the driver out of the car when you reach the waypoint(fixed)
2) Regain Control/Kick out Driver makes you shuffle seats even if the driver isn't in the car(fixed)
3) You have to reload scripts if the driver dies(fixed)
4) If you go too far from the driver or the car/airplane then everything will reset and you wont have to reload scripts
5) Forgetting things, if you manage to find a bug(except that the plane can't land lol) just leave a comment.

- Added option to choose the passenger seat instead of just getting in the right front one.
- Added fourth and fifth seats to choose for special vehicles that have other seats.
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