Expanded Radar 1.0

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Another GTA Online feature ported to SP. You can also choose (from the .ini) to:
Display the full map (when expanded).
Play the HUD sound when expanding the radar.
If automatically resize the radar when is already expanded and then the cheat code disabled.
Also, when enabled/disabled a notification will happear.

Script Hook V NET.

Move ExpandedRadar.cs and ExpandedRadar.ini in the scripts folder. In game, open the cheat box and type bigmap to make the radar expandible (do it again and the radar will not be expandible plus it will be resized automatically).
The key/controller button used to expand the radar is Z/D Pad Down (if you want to use a different key go to Settings -> Key Bindings -> General and change Radar Zoom / Multiplayer Information)
Note: don't ask to change the way it needs to be toggled as i will not. I wanted a way to do it while in game (at first my intention was to do it from the pause menu and when i understood that it wasn't possible, i've gone with the cheat code way).

If the phone is set to Sleep Mode, the phone icon will clip through the radar. I will fix this once (and if lol) i understand how it works.
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