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Mod created for a special order from WRKHRD.

Global Invest is an international company that sells various properties and companies. They own both small and large properties. With Global Invest you can become an investor, make investments ranging from small to large and collect cash daily.

- Buyable properties displayed on map
- Dynamic daily incomes and properties prices
- Every character can own separate properties
- Contact with "Global Invest" throught the phone
- Create new properties and delete existing

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package
- Script Hook V
- ScriptHookVDotNet 3
- LemonUI SHVDN3(

- Drag and drop all .dll and .ini files into your scripts folder

Q: How to create custom property?
A: Press F10, enter the name, enter the price

Q: How to delete any property?
A: Press F11, enter the name
Press F11 when the player is standing in the property marker

Q: How to turn off property blips?
A: Press F9 to switch property blips

- random buyout offers
- UI improvements
- new property marker
- fixed daily income (time jump bug)
- new property markers
- LemonUI to manage properties
- fixed notifications and help texts
- property blips disable by default (can change in .ini file)
- code compatible with ScriptHookVDotNet v3.0.4
- fixed "blips out of map" bug. No longer need to change commas to dots in the ini file.
- blips displayed in one category ("Property") on map
- polish language support
- fixed major issue where player could buy any property for $0
- dynamic properties prices
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