(.NET) Riot Mod (2020) v0.2


- Peds will spawn around the player and fight each other.

- Tested to be working with latest game version (2189.0)
- Default settings work well with low end systems (tested with i5 3570 - 8gb ddr3 - ssd with sata 3gbs - integrated graphics)
- Wanted levels on or off
- Peds get deleted if the player gets too far away from them to avoid lag and crashes
- 5 customizable factions and civilian rioters
- Modify the ped spawning distance, fighting range, culling distance
- Change the models and weapons for any faction
- Add On models supported
- Determine the peds health, body armor and accuracy
- Faction diplomacy (allies and enemies)
- Change if a faction attacks the player or not
- Blips on peds (also ability to change what their name is)
- Built in bodyguard spawner
- peds have a chance of getting weapon attachments (ini configurable)
- Helicopters spawn and attack peds

Upcoming features
- Add planes and ground vehicles
- Fix any bugs that may appear


- Fixed peds spawning on mid air and falling. Now they spawn in the ground.
- Fixed PedMinSpawnDistance and PedMaxSpawnDistance not making a difference when spawning peds.
- Added helicopters to riot
Attack helicopter like the valkyrie will use their guns against peds and player. Helicopters with missiles will fire them at enemies on ground every few seconds.
helicopters with side passenger capacity have peds shooting while on their sides just like the wanted level variant
- several bug fixes

- Initial release.

1. Install Script Hook V and Script Hook V Dot Net
2. Put RiotMode.dll and RiotMode.ini in your script folder inside the main GTA folder
3. Press F7 in an offline game to start the riot
- Press F7 again to delete all riot peds/vehicles and turn everything back to normal
- Edit the .ini to your preferences

Special thanks
- EnforcerZhukov for simplegangwar mod which i used as a base to build this
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