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RAGECOOP brings multiplayer experience to the story mode, you can complete missions together with your friends, use mods without any restriction/getting banned, or just mess around with your fella!

If you want to play story missions with a friend, only one player can start the mission, otherwise the entities will be duplicated. The other player(s) can use a 100% save game if they haven't completed the missions yet. For missions which involve getting inside buildings, InteriorsV can be used.

The original author of this project is EntenKoeniq. The project has been reworked and is currently maintained by Sardelka9515.



  • Synchronized bullets
  • Synchronized vehicle/player/NPC
  • Synchronized projectiles
  • Simple ragdoll sync
  • Decent compatibility with other mods, set up a private modded server to have some fun!
  • Weaponized vehicle sync (WIP)
  • Optimization for high-ping condition, play with friends around the world!
  • Powerful scripting API and resource system, easily add multiplayer functionality to your mod


Refer to the wiki

  • F9 = Open the menu
  • T = Text with other or use commands
  • Z or Y = Show the player list

Change log


All RAGECOOP modifications are open source on GITHUB.

Special thanks to
- crosire (For the extensive work in ScriptHookVDotNet)
- justalemon (For the extensive work in LemonUI)
- All contributors
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