Reloading Bench 1.0


This mod adds the ability to craft and dismantle ammo at safehouses, useful for recycling ammunition you're not going to use.

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded to your GTA V folder/scripts/.

Supported Ammo Types
- Pistol Ammo
- Pistol Full Metal Jacket Ammo
- Pistol Hollow Point Ammo
- Pistol Incendiary Ammo
- Pistol Tracer Ammo
- SMG Ammo
- SMG Full Metal Jacket Ammo
- SMG Hollow Point Ammo
- SMG Incendiary Ammo
- SMG Tracer Ammo
- Shotgun Shell
- Steel Buckshot Shell
- Explosive Slug
- Flechette Shell
- Dragon's Breath Shell
- Rifle Ammo
- Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo
- Rifle Full Metal Jacket Ammo
- Rifle Incendiary Ammo
- Rifle Tracer Ammo
- MG Ammo
- MG Armor Piercing Ammo
- MG Full Metal Jacket Ammo
- MG Incendiary Ammo
- MG Tracer Ammo
- Sniper Ammo
- Sniper Armor Piercing Ammo
- Sniper Explosive Ammo
- Sniper Full Metal Jacket Ammo
- Sniper Incendiary Ammo
- Sniper Tracer Ammo
- Minigun Ammo

Since everything is loaded from XML files located in /scripts/ReloadingBenchData/, it should be easy enough to add/remove support for ammo types and materials.

- Grand Theft Auto V v1868
- Script Hook V (and its requirements)
- Script Hook V .NET v2.10.10 (and its requirements)
- NativeUI
- AreaLibrary

- This mod is probably not even close to the actual process, so you'll be disappointed if you're looking for realism.
- Bench inventories are saved in %appdata%/ReloadingBenchMod/.
- If you're not playing as Michael/Franklin/Trevor, you can't use reloading benches. To change this, open /scripts/ReloadingBenchData/benches.xml and set Owner value(s) to Unknown instead of Michael/Franklin/Trevor and save the file. Every character should be able to use reloading benches after the mod is reloaded.
- I won't be providing any support. If anyone wants to add features/fix issues they should make a fork and release their own version.

Source code is available on GitHub.
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