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Please do not reupload or redistribute this without my explicit permission. Thank you. This modification is exclusively available here and on (
Siren Mastery is a script modification for RAGEPluginHook that allows you to master your siren tones. Toggle to your secondary siren at the press of a key/button, silence your siren using any key/button you like and even control exactly which 'secondary' siren plays! You can be up and running with Siren Mastery within 5 minutes (check the installation tutorial in the videos).

There is also a download to free up unneeded controller bindings so they can be used for Siren Mastery. Thank you Delco24 for creating this.

Requirements - some of these are included (credits go to their appropriate authors):

Albo1125.Common or higher (included)
RAGEPluginHook 0.51 or higher (not included)
A legal copy of GTA V.


Summary of current features (please check documentation carefully too):

Change the Siren Toggle key/button and assign it an optional modifier key/button.
Change the 'lights only' toggle key/button and assign it an optional modifier key/button.
This works even if your siren is off so you can control whether your siren should play before turning your lights on.
New 'Toggle Secondary Siren' key/button with an optional modifier key/button.
This allows you to switch to secondary sirens without having to hold down a key/button.
New 'Toggle Bullhorn' key/button with an optional modifier key/button.
This allows you to keep sounding your bullhorn without having to hold down a key/button.
Works simultaneously with sirens.
Determine the siren tone that should be playing.
You are able to select which siren tone to play, including the ability to differentiate between secondary sirens.
Additional Siren Modes
Dual Siren Mode.
Manual Siren Mode.
Additional customisable sirens per vehicle model.
Allows you to have up to TEN total sirens per vehicle model.
Fully Functional and Customisable UI.
Feel free to create and release your own custom UI files.
Customisable Siren Switching Tones (like Siren Switch Honker).
Sirens are fully customisable per vehicle model via an XML file.
All keybindings are customisable and fully customisable controller support is included.
The vehicles.awc size and length limits are effectively removed while using Siren Mastery, allowing for greater siren variety.
British Users: You can now have British Siren Switch/Toggle sounds (in other words, horns!). Simply replace the relevant files in the Plugins/SirenMastery folder with the ones included in Siren Switch Honker's download.

Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems:

-Watch the installation video for my modifications here.
-Use this tool:
-Read the documentation file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work.
-Suggestions can be made here:
If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible.


Delco24 - Controller Unbinding meta edits
NAudio developers.
Festivalmatt - All the default UI images and getting the UI images set up properly.
TaylorSwift - Siren Switch and Siren Toggle tones.
OfficerSquare & purplepotatoes14 - Thumbnail
Loyalty Rewards Programme participants.

Updated all the files names read from sirenmastery/vehicles to match the new OpenIV string names.
This should prevent all the current crashing issues.
Please ensure that you re-export your vehicles.awc as per the installation instructions to avoid any issues as the old siren hash file names are no longer valid.
Updated for Albo1125.Common
Updated for the new RPH, should work with 0.51 or higher.
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