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This mod is viscerally lightweight, fast-playing, and only affects the player's character. It offers an injury system with no UI popups, with various weapon types causing some abstracted progressive injuries. Gait/running speed is affected by injury and disorientation from severe injury is simulated.

Bandaging/self-care is simulated abstractly-- it's assumed you'll be applying compression and improvised bandages on bleeding whenever you get a chance. Call paramedics, like in real life. Unlike real life, you won't have to spend months in physical rehab to get moving again, but you do need an ambulance in cases of major trauma.


This mod is incredibly compatible with others, working perfectly with anything which does not affect player health (exception: mods which heal the player generally work). See the pinned comment for recommended modsets to support this playstyle.

This mod's purpose is to give you actually realistic health, coupled with gait and posture changes, and realistic results from injury types.

Armor is limited with an extremely low cap; it's better than nothing.

If you get hurt, you can call paramedics and they will come fix you. Hold still when you do. Be careful not to bump into them when they come, and don't have weapons out-- if you are playing with the modset described in the pastebin in the pinned comment, they will become antagonized if you accidentally bump into them, and if you're running weapons Are scary (a mod in the pastebin pinned comment), then they will run on sight if you're holding a weapon.

See the pinned comment for recommended modsets to support this playstyle.


Drop the CS files into your /scripts folder.


Scripthook V
Community Scripthook V
Open IV


Changes in 1.06d:
All UI text has been removed.

Changes in 1.07a:
increased loiter times for injury events allow for realistic survival in wounded states according to damage and injury type.

Changes in 1.07c:
files were fixed to work, and @ianw240 's was adapted for use in this mod. (if you're hurt, call emergency services on your phone and the paramedics will come and help you)

EDIT: what's up everyone? I'm back to work on this for a while coming up, so I'll update everything. Should be pretty soon.
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