Windows Shortcut Creator 2.4


Windows Shortcut Creator is an Software that let create shortcuts for all of your programs and folder with advanced options.

Hope you like it :D

It has now an update system which download the newest tool version from my server directly and then it restart with the newest version.

Discord support:
My discord name: Gang1111#0278

Latest Update Changes:
--- 2.4
- [Fix] Custom Icon [It's now possible to use separate pictures (icon) each shortcut]

_________ CONTENTS _________

1. System Requirement
2. Information
3. How to use
4. FAQ
5. Credits
6. Changelog

_________ System Requirement _________
--- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

_________ Information _________
Please dont release this tool without my permission on other websites.

_________ How to use _________
1. Run the .exe file
2. Set/Change your details
3. Press the "Create shortcut" button
4. Look at your desktop or custom path :)

_________ FAQ _________
--- What do this Tool exactly?
It can change all your shortcut details. There is a Image auto Converter to .ico (Convert any picture to .ico)
Supported Picture files:

--- Are there more planned features?
I try to more options.

--- Why this tool? Windows can do this...
You can change these details easier with this tool.

--- Has this Tool Bugs or Errors?
I hope not.

_________ Credits _________
- Gang1111 (Developer)
- Kryo4lex

_________ Changelog _________
Look at the About section in tool.
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