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  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    @Mini IV

    To install the mod, just drop the folders in the correct location, add "dlcpacks:/vedga/" in dlclist.xml
    Also install the requirements: HeapAdjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster and Dilapidated's Gameconfig to increase mod stability and avoiding crashes. Use DirectX 11 too so in that case there would be no weird textures.

    Please, READ the instructions.

    There are also like 500+ Videos on how to install mods on Youtube.

    We even have a pinned Questions and Answers (Q&A) to help you.

    But, the lack of goddamn explanation in your comment does not warrant a low-rating, so stop it.

    3 hari yang lalu
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    @click7414 You're now double-downing.

    You first criticized this mod because you didn't like that the army personnel were missing their shots with the vehicle weapons, in your own words. "just for atmosphere".

    Now that I've called you out for it, you instead say that the reason you're criticizing it is because "It lacks a real 6 stars".

    First of all, that's not the bloody point of the mod, we NEVER advertised a sixth star, we NEVER intended to make a "real 6 star", we NEVER intended to even draw people who WANT a "real 6 star", the mod is for people who want a difficult BUT enjoyable dispatch system, WITHIN the limitations provided by the game files, AND combat_tweaks.

    Second, why are you advertising a mod on another mod-page? Not only is that questionable, but it is really scummy. Not only do you criticize a mod for perceived short-comings that are hog-wash, non-problems, and WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TOUCHED by the mod in the first place.

    But you then do a 180, and advertise another mod. You may use buzzwords like "recommend", but in the end, you're advertising on another mod, and it makes me think that you're doing this with intent to draw away attention from the mod-page you're advertising on, in order to have them flock to the mod you're advertising instead.

    The over-aggressive advertising is not only obnoxious, but also counter-productive.

    17 Mei, 2023
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    @click7414 Here's the problem with your supposed issue.

    Vanilla Military Peds have an accuracy setting of 0.18
    VE:DGA's Military Peds have an accuracy setting of 0.25

    So the idea that they're supposed to intentionally miss is not only far-fetched, unlikely, AND goes against the entire purpose of the goddamn mod, but is also complete hog-wash.

    If they miss you, then good job, you're good at dodging bullets. BUT that is not the fault of the mod.

    Why on earth, would the creators of the mod spend all this effort fine-tuning the AI in order to make it enjoyable, yet difficult. Only to COMPLETELY BUTCHER the accuracy values, in your own words "just for atmosphere".

    Doesn't make much sense now, doesn't it?

    16 Mei, 2023
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    @chopolander WOV is definitely the issue here, LA Traffic can be made compatible via simple tinkering with the files, WOV is a massive overhaul, it'll conflict with alot of the stuff we have here

    15 Julai, 2022
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    @nj5050 No, impossible for us, because we use game files to make this mod, not scripts.

    07 Febuari, 2022
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    This mod's a blessing.

    20 Oktober, 2021
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    @nj5050 Also it's possible that your rig might be giving away, as we have tested this and suffered no issues, hell, i have a GTX 750 and i didn't have this issue.

    26 September, 2021
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    @nj5050 It's a balance change, we're trying to keep things fun without having you swarmed completely and having no chance to survive except for god mode.

    Also, as the current ped dev, we have no issues with the noose units, no headless, no discoloration, check your dlc files, and check if you have a gameconfig built to handle addons.

    And we are indeed, changing the NOOSE Models, so if you still have a glitch that we can't replicate, then, we can't do anything about it.

    25 September, 2021
  • 4443c0 hildegard, i question you

    I won't push an update to this, because the version coming to VED will be using a different version with different component setups to make the vest an Ambient-Only thing. so yeah.

    15 September, 2021