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    great mod! Since you manage animation, couldn't you make that damn case appear when the marksman pistol is reloaded?
    or rework the reloading animations for the shotguns? To reload more than one shell
    Thank you
    (Sorry for m’y english I’m French)

    27 Mei, 2024
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    First of all, thank you for this mod.
    Concerning the disarm part of the mod, I noticed that when enemies fall to the ground, you can't disarm them anymore.

    One more suggestion, why not integrate the Realistic Reload mod, which is no longer updated, into your mod, as well as the weapon ragdoll mod?
    I think it would be really great.
    Thanks again

    30 Mac, 2024
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    great mod.

    Could you fix the reload animation of the sawnoff shotgun too please? ;)

    Thank you.

    07 Mei, 2022
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    great mod. thanks a lot.

    I have detected a small remaining error. Indeed the flames appear well at the front where the engine is but just before exploding it appears flames at the level of the rear wheel arches and not at the front.

    Could you do a small update?

    Thank you very much.

    PS: sorry for my english i'm french

    07 Mei, 2022