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    Damn! Very unique and interesting! Completely useless, but you took the time and effort to model it! Looks really good! I'd fix the UVmap around the text to make it look a bit better but other than that it's brilliant!

    30 Julai, 2018
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    @DoctorMike Are you just not using anti-aliasing at all ingame? It looks very jagged for a model that uses the proper skin shaders. I'd also look for a way to add the subsurface scattering channels, to add a realistic look around the ears lips and nose.

    26 Julai, 2018
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    Change the shader assigned to the entire model. Ur using the wrong one, which makes the entire skin look aliased and jagged.

    22 Julai, 2018
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    @jedijosh920 Love the fact that peds don't actually *die* unless shot in the head. They flail on the floor and grab their wounds most of the time, looking helpless as hell! I love how they reach out in fear sometimes when the player approaches them! REALLY great work!!

    *Perhaps making them a bit less stiff while on the floor will make them move better when between props/walls. Peds just seem to be too stiff for being shot in the legs or arms and so on. It looks great when shot in the neck or chest/stomach, but overall stiffness should be reduced just a tad.

    29 Jun, 2018
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    Good job! Looks awesome, and u kept with the GTA design!

    12 April, 2018
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    Good job! A unique and interesting script!

    11 Januari, 2018
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    Why do you keep exporting them with the wrong fucking shader every time? Stop using the dithered grass/hair shader for fucks sake...

    10 Januari, 2018
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    @jtgibson Yep. He chose the wrong shader to render these unless it's assigned by default or something. Regardless it looks pixelated and bad. High setting Anti aliasing will fix it but it will still be blurry.

    30 Disember, 2017
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    Why is the entire skin dithered? pick a different shader for the model.

    29 Disember, 2017