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    simple is best!
    You can also set your own sales location, which is very satisfying.
    One thing that bothers me is that if you use this mod, the Blip in other mods will disappear.
    Can you fix it or add an item to remove the blip functionality on the map?
    I chose the place myself. Even if there is no blip, the position is not forgotten.

    04 Mac, 2023
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    I'm happy that I was able to start with Add-on Peds characters.
    There is just one little problem.
    There is no problem if you press the arrow key (up) with Menyoo etc. running, but if this script is installed, pressing the arrow key with Menyoo etc. running will start the phone.
    This is very cumbersome to operate.

    17 Januari, 2023
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    as you said,
    After updating the trainer, it works fine.
    thank you.
    (It worked correctly with Rampage Trainer 1.3.6 or menyoo 1.7.3.)

    24 Disember, 2022
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    Since the client version became v1.0.2802.0, a problem has occurred.
    When I set the setting to motorcycle and run, suddenly I am thrown off the motorcycle.
    I think that the icon on the map disappears when you get on the set vehicle, but it feels like it is shaken off when the icon suddenly reappears.
    It didn't occur until version v1.0.2699.16.

    20 Disember, 2022
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    I tried various things, but I didn't know where to control the numerical value that changes LOD/collision with distance.
    So for now the answer is "I don't know"
    (I can do it if I can see it even if it's very far away...)

    @Francis Castiglione
    I don't know "Fivem" at all...
    I spend an overwhelming amount of time repeating experiments with codewalker, etc., rather than creating maps.
    I wouldn't say "I'm not interested", but...

    10 Disember, 2022
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    @ReNNie I think I misunderstood the answer to your question...
    The location of A is the YMAP of A, and the location of B is the YMAP of B.

    31 Oktober, 2022
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    @ReNNie Anything added is another YMAP.

    The original data has been slightly modified to remove bonfires and small items on the beach in Paleto Bay.
    Well, I don't think it will be a big problem even if it is not deleted.
    Because it's okay to trample...

    30 Oktober, 2022
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    @Killins There is probably some controlling item, but I don't know.
    I am replace so that the barrier opens.
    Although I may not have understood the your question correctly...

    25 Oktober, 2022
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    @Killins It may not open unless you are quite close to the bar.
    Using the URL "barrier-fix" written by ReNNie makes it easier to open.

    20 Oktober, 2022
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    "Norton" said it detected "ws.reputation.1" from GearShiftingAnimation.dll.
    I think it's an overreaction, but I'll report it anyway.

    01 September, 2022