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    Looks good, would it be possible to make a FiveM version of this? That would be great if you could :D

    05 Mei, 2022
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    @VLADIMPALER72 Right.

    29 Oktober, 2021
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    At last, a new update! :D

    15 Januari, 2021
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    @LazyA I want this suggestion implemented too so I can use my online character in cutscenes not only as our unholy trinity (Michael, Trevor, and Franklin) but as characters like Lester, Lamar, Simeon, Jimmy, etc. I can use my online character but it doesn't use the right values when not swapped with Mike, Trev, and Frank

    04 Januari, 2021
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    @TheGreatFranklin People do get tired of making things eventually. At that point, they should just pass the mantle onto someone qualified enough to continue updating and improving this awesome trainer.

    27 Disember, 2020
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    @iamZenNGaming True, I can use Menyoo (in fact, I already saved my character + more of my outfits and my friends' characters too) but you missed the point of what I said. What I was actually saying was I would like to see some of the features that Menyoo (and ENT) had, such as OC face and overlay support from Menyoo for example, in Rampage. That, in my opinion, would make Rampage more better than Menyoo and ENT

    19 Disember, 2020
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    I love this trainer but I would love it more if it had some features from Menyoo and ENT, especially Menyoo's support for the online characters' face customization and overlays (i.e. shirt decals, hair textures, etc). It would be very nice to mess around story mode with my online character without the use of director mode and it's watermark. Some support for Menyoo's file formats would be great too so I can ride around in a trashbin without taking the time to recreate it. Lol

    16 Ogos, 2020
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    @Edebeton Y'know you can reconfigure the keys yourself. I don't recall F8 doing anything but opens up Menyoo in this case but maybe you have a program that ends up for you. MAFINS rarely responds btw. Poor job on your part bro but you're welcome. ;)

    11 Ogos, 2020
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    @azzman_01 Interesting, what does the hair look like with your texture?

    03 Jun, 2020
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    @Theo315 Hi, apologies for the very late reply! First off before I start, "mod" is a common misuse for saves like these. Anyways in order to install this save: download it, go to your documents folder, find and go into the Rockstar Games folder, then your GTA V folder, next into your profiles folder, and finally go into the folder inside there with the letters and numbers and drag your save in there.

    19 Mei, 2020