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    @SnHxFirefighter Hey bud. I took someone else's mod and updated it as it wasn't working as it should have done. Unfortunately, none of them had iFruit and I don't know how to add it to the hex code, exceeds my knowledge of modding. All the English Text is working with the IFruit upgrade and it is there, but I do not have the knowledge to add the icon for it :(
    However, if somebody does know how, I am more than happy to add it to this mod, as the graphic is in the mod already, the mod just needs to be told how to find it.

    14 Julai, 2020
  • 312b40 tweaked mitch youtube icon

    @FakePewDiePie I have fixed the TrackID's now for iFruit. I just want to provide a list of replaced tracks in the zip file, that way people can choose their preference :D
    I'll try to upload the update today, or tomorrow.

    23 Jun, 2020
  • 312b40 tweaked mitch youtube icon

    @Funkadory it'll work, but it won't have an icon (which is the same as the other mods).
    I've kinda updated the trackIDs with a catch.
    Electro Choc uses some IFruit IDs and Vladivostok shares the same IDs with Nightrider. So I'll update with what uses what, however, you'd need to ask the original radio station uploaders to change he IDs they use for the tracks to not conflict, otherwise you'll be choosing which station you prefer and the names will be wrong on the other.

    29 Mei, 2020
  • 312b40 tweaked mitch youtube icon

    I am going to fix IFruit TrackID's. At present they won't show as they get overwritten. It's a long process taking the individual pieces I need but I will update it with "some" IFruit track names.
    It looks like Electro-Choc uses some of those indexes, and I prefer Electro-Choc, so it will only be some.
    I might post a list of what to replace if you prefer one of the stations I don't :) Otherwise it is a case of getting the original creators to alter the radio stations tracks. I can't change those, and if I could. I wouldn't be able to upload them :(

    27 Mei, 2020
  • 312b40 tweaked mitch youtube icon

    Works great although it makes IFruits icon disappear, presumably as it came out before that got released and it replaces the graphics. I'm going to look at it tomorrow and see if it is something I can fix myself :D

    24 Mei, 2020
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    @Hendo16 I agree. I can add a mod radio station in. I have learnt how to edit the textures. I know how to replace a song on an existing radio station (as long as it is the same length). It'd be great to have a guide, or something pointing me in the right direction of what I need to do to create a radio station. I have even checked the forums, Google and YouTube and can't find anything.

    24 Mei, 2020