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    @secretic Stuff such as:
    - Zombies having zombie walk animations
    - Stamina, thirst, hunger bars
    - Inventory system like Simple zombies where you could get Car Repair Kit, Bandages, Flashlight etc.
    - Being able to loot some stuff from stores or zombie corpses
    - A chance of enemy NPC's spawning who are survivors that might try attacking you in a car
    - Crate drops with resources which would also spawn an enemy npc group in a car that also goes for the crate
    - Different tiers of enemy survivors such as weak struggling survivors to strong and experienced survivors that are like Merryweather

    Might be better to see a video of the Simple Zombies mod in action though to better understand what i mean though. Best of luck to you with the mod though

    28 Jun, 2021
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    good to see this idea back but it still needs lots of improvements. Simple Zombies mod did it the best you should take ideas from that mod

    26 Jun, 2021
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    @themonotonescone yea got quite a few mods, been a while so i cant remember everything that I put in but some of the mods i can note are;
    - Real | RAGE V - Weapons and Damage Enhancer
    - Immersive pickups or Improved pickups

    06 Jun, 2021
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    cant install cause i got this error

    [6/6/2021 11:24:27 AM] [7912] INFO -> Process ARCHIVE "update.rpf" with path "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf"
    [6/6/2021 11:24:27 AM] [7912] ERROR -> XML DOCUMENT Parse error: ErrorCode: "0xC00CE503"
    Reason: "Incorrect syntax was used in a comment. "
    Source Text: "<!------- Real | RAGE project by The Real_Gabe | Do not claim you made this mod and don’t upload and/or alter it without my permission!"
    Line: "2"
    LinePos: "7"
    FilePos: "46"
    [6/6/2021 11:24:27 AM] [7912] ERROR -> Unable to read XML DOCUMENT with path "common\data\ai\weaponcomponents.meta" in archive "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf"
    [6/6/2021 11:24:27 AM] [7912] INFO -> ARCHIVE "update.rpf" processed
    [6/6/2021 11:24:27 AM] [7912] INFO -> ARCHIVE "GTA V" processed
    [6/6/2021 11:24:27 AM] [7912] INFO -> Installation FAILED

    06 Jun, 2021
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  • 649f9f wrench2

    great work

    19 September, 2020
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    it sounds a bit weird like a vacuumish sound

    16 September, 2020
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    Amazing stuff man. 9mm from TLAD?

    14 September, 2020
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    Wail is not a clear loop you can hear where it cuts off and replays

    04 September, 2020
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    is there one without that shockwave siren effect and more cleaner

    03 September, 2020