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    Do you know how easy it would be to swap this bumper/splitter over to an e36 coupe and cabriolet? I have no knowedge on how to do it haha

    10 April, 2020
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    Please make all the e36 variants with the SE bumper on the front! I want my 96 cabriolet in this game but there's only Msport available :( Love it btw

    08 April, 2020
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    Fantastic mod with lots of potential!
    I am trying to shoot 3 cars rolling along a road. I have individually recorded each car cruising along the road but when I play back the recording, all the cars are at different speeds. Is there a way to fix this? I would use the chase feature but I want the cars next to each other/ and or staggered on the road surface.

    something along the lines of this:
    I've been trying for hours now with no luck. Please help! THanks!

    02 Oktober, 2018
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    Been playing with this for a few days, managed to get it to render all the way through without crashing but after the last clip is rendered the game goes unresponsive and windows asks me to close it. It creates the file but I can never open them in VLC. Any idea on what I could do? Currently using GTA Redux aswell

    10 Ogos, 2017
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    Hi, can you explain how to remove the stripes and stickers off the side of the car? I've tried deleting the actual texture from the ytd but it leaves it with a horrible texture and the paints don't work on it. Thanks

    03 Ogos, 2017
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    This may seem like a long shot, but i've found with a lot of drift mods there's no modulation between sliding and not sliding... Real drifting is about having grip but the car is so powerful that when you kick the clutch it spins out. Is there anyway this could be done in a mod using the manual gearbox mod? Cheers :)

    19 Julai, 2015