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    None of the above errors happen to me, maybe those issues are related to specific "insane" 4k resolutions or something the game engine can't handle.
    Or issue I have is the 100 brands limit. I already have too much :D

    7 hari yang lalu
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    @ikt MMh..yes. You are right. I did something wrong.
    I tried searching how the mod reacts to the cheat string, but I found it now. It's part of the thirdparty GTAVMenuBase.

    What put me off for example is that the release zip of SimpleFuel has "CheatString" in settings_menu.ini, but the source code has any line saying "CheatString" in that settings_menu.ini

    29 Mei, 2021
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    Can confirm. Still works fine without any problems.
    @ikt Thank you for fixing LeFix's mod.
    May I ask you to update the files on the GitHub, please? The Release files are fine, but the source files of the Speedometer and Fuel mod are outdated, unfortunately.

    I won't use any of your work or reupload it anywhere or else.

    27 Mei, 2021
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    Thank you for reloading the Lua plugin.
    I can put my Lua knowledge to work now

    27 Mei, 2021
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    This needs an update which fixes the following:
    - make the blibs disappear when they are outside of the mini map
    - make the blibs be usable with decimal coordinates
    (e. g. 234 currently works as coordinate, but 234.56 doesn't work)

    25 Mei, 2021
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    I love Benny’s Original Motor Works, so thank you for that.
    Mosley Auto Service adds the Premium Deluxe Motorsport on top, so we don't need Benny’s Original Motor Works anymore, right?
    Or do we need to have both?

    24 Mei, 2021
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    I think this one needs to be updated to the newest GTA version. Some files seem to have changed on GTA side, but I'm not sure

    20 Mei, 2021
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    These effects really make a difference. Thank you for that.
    Did you change anything for the shaders or did you just delete those that you weren't using from \reshade-shaders?

    18 Mei, 2021
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    Change the name of the livery to and add it to the existing one in s30.ytd instead of overwriting.
    Then add the flag "FLAG_HAS_LIVERIES" to verhicle.meta, so the line there says "<flags>FLAG_AVERAGE_CAR FLAG_HAS_LIVERY</flags>".
    After that you are able to select the livery by using your favorite trainer.

    18 Mei, 2021