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    Hi, this truly is amazing! I just have one question, and i would be very thankful if you could answer: What material and shader did you use for the chrome-like shiny look on this sculpture? I have been looking for a very long time on how to make my own Brussels Atomium mod with a chrome material. I have tried multiple shaders (reflect/specular/mirror) but none seems to work... Also did you use zmodeler or GIMS Evo?

    31 Oktober, 2018
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  • 3c017f gta belgium logo

    @AKTenacious @netnovice1 Do you guys have a good PC? Because this dlc is rather large, nearly half a gigabyte. Also, try using this mod: that may help to get no crashes. It's weird you get those freezes and crashes nonetheless.

    @MistoCraft99 If you had read the readme file, you would have known a decent PC is required. And if you have one, but it crashes, you maybe messed up installing something wrongly, you may have just too many mods installed,... It's a large 400+ MB dlc, so maybe this could help for you too: No reason to rate half a star man, since it works for most people clearly.

    @KoyluGamer88 I am planning to do Monte Carlo next!

    @lucasjuhas Thanks for your feedback. About the reflections: just like you I have no idea how they made it. I could try to figure out how to do that, but to me that's a small detail and first things first of course :)
    I would love to make the cars all high-end/sports, but I'm not a scripter so I'm not really familiar on how to do that. I'll try to check how it's done. And about the traffic, i will try to add more traffic next time, also on the Palm Island 'road arms'. And a minimap i could do i think, but problem is a lot of people, and really a lot, use the 4K image radar mod from this site... So it will conflict with that. This is what I mean:

    @cammyb Building a road from the original map to my map, without it looking absolutely shitty, is nearly impossible, so I'll need to skip that haha. But I may add an airport later :)

    @thiagoandradevitoria Hi! Thanks for the feedback on your problem. I have never heard of a lighting issue on any map mod, and I can't really imagine what it could be. Could you try to send me some screenshots or a small videoclip? Then I can see what it is maybe. About the yachts, I would love to customize the yacht on Yas Marina and also the one on palm island, of course! You can always add some yachts over there with some nice colors. Personally I love white yachts with pink and/or light blue neon, on aquarius yacht. But from me you may do whatever you want with it, you may try something and I can always take a look then :)

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    02 Julai, 2018
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    Thanks all, glad you guys like it :)

    @thiagoandradevitoria Hi! It's a pleasure to read you like it! I am going to look for your yacht mod for sure :) I will take a look how things work and I think it would be nice to have an updated yacht on this map! I will let you know.

    @AKTenacious I thought maybe you didn't have the GTA Online yacht update (there spawns a yacht near Yas Marina circuit). But you say you have version 1103, which is the Gunrunning I think? That came after the yacht update, right? If so, that can't be the problem. I don't know what is causing it, it works for others so it's really weird. I like to help you. But try updating your game to latest vesrion if possible, maybe that works. Otherwise it might be another mod conflicting with mine.

    @vadiki @duration That's a great idea, i will look if that's possible. I don't really know how airports work ingame but i can always try :)

    @cammyb I think i might add airport and yachts as mentioned, and I'm thinking to model the Abraj Al Bait tower from Mecca, or Petronas Twin Towers from Kuala Lumpur, or both. So I may add more buildings or islands in the future :)

    29 Jun, 2018
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    @ThatZer0_o @MetonyaMetin @obayana52

    Sorry for the very late reply. I am now finishing Yas Marina Bay Abu Dhabi circuit, and I'll try to do Monaco next! I will see what I can do.

    25 Jun, 2018
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    I am so sorry I forgot to tell you. GIMS Evo only works with 3dsMax 2014 version I think. I don't know if this is still available on the website Autodesk... But I have to warn you, 3dsMax is not an easy program to learn. You actually need to learn how 'modeling' works. It's not very easy, and asks a lot of time to learn.

    I could move away the islands a little further, but the problem is that vehicle paths only work within certain boundaries of the game. If you move too far away from the 'edge' of the map, vehicles will not spawn anymore. I'm trying to find a way to fix this but I'm afraid it's very hard to work around the games limitations.

    18 Jun, 2018
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    @thiagoandradevitoria Thank you so much for the kind words! They mean a lot :) I didn't ask money for this mod because I thought everyone has the right to enjoy mods for free, even if they ask a lot of time. As for the update version of this mod: I am working on that, and it will have some really nice features! New buildings, vehicle paths so there is some more 'life' on the map, and probably a race circuit too, from Abu Dhabi. Those are some of the new parts of this mod :D

    Again, thank you for the message! Happy modding!

    18 Jun, 2018
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    @thiagoandradevitoria You don't need to activate the collision anywhere. Not in .ymap files, not in .ytyp files. Again, collision files are only done by .ybn collision files and don't need to be defined anywhere, they don't need an 'activation'. While .ydr model files DO need that. Just leave <physicsDictionary /> as it is, that's perfectly okay. Same with <drawableDictionary />.

    Also, you don't need to make the .ytyp and .ymap files completely yourself.
    Let them be generated by this with 3dsmax:

    And then open them with metatool, and edit the values. You can always copy my LodDist values, flags values,...

    Or you can use this sometimes:
    But I don't have a lot of experience with this since I work almost always with 3dsMax and GTAV Maphelper Maxscript and MetaTool.

    Yes, the buildings from my mod were created in 3dsMax. You can make all kind of things with that program, but you will need to learn how to model. Then I convert everything with the tools explained above, and GIMS EVO by 3Doomer.

    15 Jun, 2018
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    @thiagoandradevitoria No problem, I'm glad to help!

    You can download a 3dsMax Student version, which is free for 3 years, official. You have to enter your school or job. Autodesk sometimes might check that. Link:
    You need to create an Autodesk account.

    For the collision being generated automatically once you have your ymap set up: this is not true (unless you have embedded collision in your .ydr model mesh). What i mean, is you need to create .ybn files. Those are the collision files. But they don't need to be defined in another file. (While YDR model meshes need to be defined in ymap files and ytyp files). The ybn file will save the coördinates on its own. But you will need it in order to have collision.

    A _manifest.ymf file only links a ytyp with a ymap as far as i know. It's not used for collisions.

    So what I would do, for your yacht interior, without using 3dsMax: I would search for the original collision ybn files in OpenIV, export them using right click --> Openformats. Open that with Notepad and change the 'centroid' xyz coördinate values with the ones from your ymap file, as I explained in my previous message. And then import them into your rpf where the model mesh ydr files are located. But I'm not sure if this will work... I don't tried it myself.

    So maybe it's best to download the free 3-year student version of 3dsMax and generate ybn collision files from there. The coordinates in 3dsmax are the same as in GTA 5 (if your units are set on default). You can also use embedded collision in .ydr model meshes just like in the video i sent you.

    I hope you can still follow what I'm trying to say haha

    14 Jun, 2018
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    @thiagoandradevitoria Sorry for the late answer, I was a little busy :p

    So yeah, to make a .ybn collision, you don't need collisions in a .ymap file. YBN collisions are never defined in a .ymap. That's only for model meshes. A ybn file saves the coördinates itself, himself. I hope you understand what I mean?

    I guess you need 3dsMax in order to do this, because of this i explained above: the coördinates are saved inside the collision meshes.

    I think I understand you already have a .ymap file with the model coördinates. What I would do, is opening each model in 3dsMax (you can import each GTA5 .ydr model in 3dsMax with OPEN IV Openformats .odr conversion and GIMS EVO by 3Doomer). Then i would be copying the coördinates of each model from the .ymap file, and using those xyz coördinates to place the corresponding model meshes inside 3dsMax. When done that, you can convert the model meshes to collision meshes, with GIMS EVO. Delete the 'game mesh' modifier (modifier tab in the menu on the right in 3dsMax). Reset all pivots, center them and apply transform and scale (hierarchy tab). Then go to last tab, and click 'reset xForm'. Then go to modifier tab and right click on xForm --> Collapse All. Then apply a collision - mesh modifier using GIMS EVO. Set the right flags (if you don't know what flags, i can send you two screenshots of the right ones, just ask). You should create a composite collision dummy and link it to your collision meshes (easy way to do that is in schematic view).

    When everything is set up, you should be able to export the collisions to the same place your model will be, as defined in the .ymap files.

    Another way to do it I think, without 3dsMax, is exporting your GTA5 collision meshes using Openformats, to .obn files. Since you are using collision files that already exist in GTA 5, this could also work. Although I never tried it myself because I use my own custom collisions mostly. So what you need to do once you exported to .obn openformats files: Open the .obn file with Notepad. Yes, notepad could work but I highly recommend Notepad++ because this is way more handy. It's a free text editor, just google it :) Now once you open the obn file with Notepad(++), you should see 2 lines saying 'Centroid' per mesh. 1 mesh should have 2 times the same centroid, if I am correct. Once inside the 'Type BoundComposite' and once inside the 'Type BoundBVH'. I think, only THINK, this is the centered pivot location from the mesh. Like, the coördinate. You could change this xyz coördinate to the coördinate from the models in the ymap files, save the new obn file and import it into you rpf in OpenIV. This COULD work when done correctly i think.

    I tried to be as complete as possible but I may have forgotten something, let me know if you got it :) Again I realise this could be quite overwhelming.

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    14 Jun, 2018