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    @wangsihantiancai @wyvernone @meimeiriver and everyone for whose game crashed.
    Thank you for the help on this wyvernone, it's probably 99% fixed now. The new crash fixing version is now uploading. All who downloaded the premium version, can now download again from the link they got on Patreon. A new premium version is up. If you lost the link you can contact me!

    14 Disember, 2018
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    @wyvernone I have sent you a private message here, regarding a fix for players whose game is crashing due to Yas Marina circuit.

    13 Disember, 2018
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    @wangsihan I'm very sorry to hear that. Though, calling me instantly a 'big cheater' because the mod is not working for you isn't very correct I think. I really put so much effort in this, to enlarge gameplay and i always try to do everything against game crashing...

    Also, isn't it a little expectable that the VIP version will not work for you, when the normal version already doesn't work for you? The VIP version is a larger file with more buildings, as clearly stated.

    Please contact me here if you would like to have me send you the dollar back.
    As wyvernone says, if you don't like crashes you could probably be good with a non-pirated copy... Not 100% guarantee of course, but it will help resolve problems for sure if you just buy the GTA 5 game.

    @Samrep69 Burj Al Arab is done by Z@gor and not by me (see description). You should download his file. I am planning to do more paths next!

    11 Disember, 2018
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    @wyvernone Just to make sure, are you 100% sure you downloaded the V2 mod? Because I forgot to set v2 as a 'primary file' and the large download button would still download V1, until now because I corrected it. Thank you for the info.

    09 Disember, 2018
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    GTA: Dubai Islands Official Trailer V2.0 is out now:

    08 Disember, 2018
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    @wyvernone and EVERYONE for who the game is crashing: The crashes are probably caused by some 4K textures i used, also with yasmarina circuit. Those textures are being reduced in size by me now. I am now been optimizing the whole map for everyone who has to deal with crashes using this mod. This I have been doing for the last few weeks. Some buildings are getting Level Of Detail versions (LODs) which will make the game much more able to handle this large add on map. Also make sure you add <item>dlcpacks:\dubai\</item> to your dlclist.xml file correctly. Any mistake in that file will cause crashes, so double check that too.

    Besides this, an update is coming soon with some suggestions i took from the comments here:

    @duration suggested a Dubai airport, so the update will have a custom modeled airport, with a terminal similar to the real one in Dubai.

    @lucasjuhas suggested a minimap. I made a minimap version which is compatible with @Designerappz his 4K Satellite View Map. You will need to download his satellite map first, to be able to use my minimap. This is because creating a standard GTA V minimap seems super difficult to me for advanced maps like Dubai Islands, because it is created in a whole other way. Standard GTA V minimap is created with 3D layers, while the satellite version is 2D and looks better in my opinion.

    @cammyb suggested a road: I didn't make a road from Los Santos to Dubai Islands, since it has its own airport, but i did made roads connecting the Dubai Islands (bridges).

    I am also considering making an even more detailed version to release for 1$ at my website or on Patreon. This because i can't count how many hours i have worked on this, I also bought some models instead of building them all by myself, which would have been even more time consuming. Though, I am still not really sure about this so feel free to leave feedback on it. I also modeled the Abraj Al Bait building from Meccah, Saudi Arabia and i would like to include it in this '1$ premium' version, along with the character Abdul Amir from GTA TBoGT. A video featuring the airport, minimap, bridges, Abraj Al Bait and Abdul Amir will probably release very soon.

    Anyway, thank you all for the patience and I hope to fix the crashes!

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    01 Disember, 2018
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    @Designerappz That's great to hear, and thank you very much!

    28 November, 2018
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    @Designerappz Hello, first of all great mod! I have a question regarding my own Dubai Islands Map mod. I am creating a minimap/radar for my custom map. Question is, can I create my minimap to be compatible with this mod? In other words: I edit your file 'minimap_2_0.ytd' (I add my islands on the map image) and then, when my next version of Dubai Islands releases, i state:
    "For the minimap to work, you first need the '4K Satellite View Map' mod by 'Designerappz' (link to mod download page) .Then, when that mod is installed, you can replace Designerappz's minimap_2_0.ytd with mine."

    This forces people to first download your mod before installing the custom minimap, coming with my next version of Dubai Islands. But of course, I ask permission to you first, if I can edit and re-upload 'minimap_2_0.ytd'. Here is what it looks like at the moment, while I am working on it:

    Of course it needs more work and I am also adding an airport, and that may force me to edit 'minimap_1_0.ytd too... In any case, I am not touching and re-uploading the other minimap tiles and other files from your mod.

    You will get mention in credits and a big thank you if you give permission.
    Thanks in advance!

    26 November, 2018
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    Hi, this truly is amazing! I just have one question, and i would be very thankful if you could answer: What material and shader did you use for the chrome-like shiny look on this sculpture? I have been looking for a very long time on how to make my own Brussels Atomium mod with a chrome material. I have tried multiple shaders (reflect/specular/mirror) but none seems to work... Also did you use zmodeler or GIMS Evo?

    31 Oktober, 2018
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