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    Hey bro, just wondering, how do you make these peds, does it take long, was looking for a MrPotato ped, or just a potato ped, was wonering could u give a hand or point me in the right direction. Cheers :D

    15 Mei, 2017
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    @vithepunisher Yes that is what I am referring to. There are very few Irish Mods besides yours for Irish Cars, Ped etc I currently have someone in the process of pepper spray, we are also making a radio enhanced with irish tones and im in the process of making Garda skins with an Astra and Hyundai i30 already made, if your interested in helping out we could use an extra hand if u have time :D

    27 April, 2017
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    Hey @vithepunisher, I can see you havent been making much recently, hit me up if your interested in helping out on a project. Im from Dublin myself and I think its time Irish users can use there national Police in LSPDFR or just in GTA V

    26 April, 2017