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    Is there a way to customize the layout? All I want to be able to do is align it to my mini map.

    01 Januari, 2021
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    Hey so the mod works pretty much perfectly for me except for this one little bug..
    When the game starts up everything works as it should but when the game loads too many cars, all the drivers of the cars stop loading, giving me this result:
    Even turning the density level down doesn't fix the issue, once they stop loading, it's miraculous if I find an actual car with a person in it again. This sort of defeats my immersion, but I keep the mod cause its simply better than having a dead road in a big city all the time. I hope this can get fixed soon, although it seems that I am the only one in the comments section with this problem, hope you see this Cass, love your mods buddy!

    22 Mei, 2019