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    @Stryfaar The Discord link you posted isn't working :P

    07 Jun, 2020
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    @HKH191: I can confirm: Not working on the Epic Games Store version.

    - Blips do not appear on the map itself, but rather next to the map when I click on them.
    - The iFruitAddon menu works like it should.
    - I can set up a garage, but cannot enter it.

    After some more testing, I found the following:
    - The mechanic CAN bring vehicles from the garages through iFruit
    - Going to the arena war garage using Menyoo doesn't recognize it as a SPGR garage.

    06 Jun, 2020
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    Works like it should on the Epic Games version.
    First had trouble finding the location, but there's literally three garages next to each other on the map near the golf court. Head to the 'sale' signs to buy the garages.

    Also: make sure you're using the right ped! If you're using a custom ped, you're likely to get a 'not enough money' error. The blur made me remove the garages in the end, but it's worth a go.

    06 Jun, 2020
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    This mod makes police standoffs and chases much more enjoyable. I like all the liveries, cop variations and cops trying to drag their injured colleagues away from the fight!

    Definitely worth 5* - I'll be following this mod! Would love to see this for firefighters, EMS and lifeguards too!

    04 Jun, 2020
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    Only getting a Sanstar and LSPD helicopter. Looked through the Polmav_sign's, and those two are the only two present. Is there some location where I can get the entire pack?

    20 September, 2017