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    Legit High Speed recognizes game Cuddy, respect. I dig it.

    If you could pull it off with something like a weapon & magazine retexture, some light parts swapping to change or replace the barrel lengths/handguard/silencer/buttstock/grip options on the 416 model you have here and adding 1-2 optics....

    You should throw together either 3 models with 3 barrel lengths to pick from OR a "3 length - All - In 1" SBR (7.5in., 10.5in., and 11.5in length short barrel rifle) variant of this that drops the DDM4 style quad rail system for a more slim profile hand guard like the **Geissele MK16 SMR on the URGI** or something from the BCM family, **Noveske**, or Midwest, etc that is 1.5 - 2inches over the length of the barrel to allow a slim profile style silencer to be recessed under the hand guard similar to an integrated silencer setup... change the buttstock choices to a MFT Minimalist stock and a Maxxim Defense PDR/PDW collapsible quick extending style stock, gen3 Magpul PMag, give it a choice of all matte black or a hand spray style desert-ish camo job mixed with parts left matte black, such as black lower reciever, buffer tube, and optic with the stock, hand guard, silencer, laser/light and magazine spray camo....BCM Gunfighter/Tango Down/Magpul stubby style short fore grip, and to close the deal on an absolute MASTERPIECE of a weapon keep the AN-PEQ/Surefire M600 setup as the ONLY rail accessory. Admittedly I'll say sure maybe the Steiner D-BAL/M600 setup is the new hip thing, but the PEQ/M600 (**GREEN vis laser not red**) IS and for the foreseeable future will CONTINUE to be G.O.A.T. Would be cool if someone could figure out a way to make the laser/light combo have both a flashlight AND working green vis laser.

    06 Ogos, 2023
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    Will this work in SP or is it a 5M only deal? Probably one of the baddest LE vehicles EVER!!!

    16 April, 2021