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    The mod doesn't crash my game or anything, but the interior of almost all the buildings (including the ones with a "Y") just doesn't load, and I end up falling and eventually colliding with an invisible wall inside the building. I've also tried disabling and re-enabling the online map with my trainer, but that didn't work either

    27 Julai, 2021
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    Sorry, it's now working fine with vanillaworks extended deleted, it's great!

    12 Julai, 2021
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    I'm hesitant to say this bc nobody else seems to have this problem, but the pack just crashes the game on startup for me? I have a gameconfig that works great with all other vehicle addons, and both the packfile limit adjuster and heap adjuster, and I even deleted a bunch of other mods to see if there was any conflicts, but it still just crashes whenever it's enabled. Idrk what else to say, but some help would be awesome, if possible

    08 Julai, 2021
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    oh btw sorry, the pump shotgun isn't the one that autoreloads, it's the sawn-off, my mistake ;w;

    05 Julai, 2021
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    This is a good mod, but unfortunately there are quite a few issues that I'm having with it;
    1. Both the pump shotgun and pump shotgun mk2 shoot only one single projectile (idk if that's intentional or not, but it is a bit annoying, but not a huge deal)
    2. The pump shotgun (but i don't think the mk2) also automatically reloads, also not a huge deal but annoying
    3. All vehicle-mounted weapons (so like the 50 cal on top of the insurgent etc, not rockets and stuff) just don't work, the character can go into the seat where the gun is accessible fine, but the character isn't able to interact with the gun at all
    4. The most annoying thing for me, which is that the carbine rifle seems to fire 2 bullets at once (the ammo counter goes down by 2 each shot, and 2 bullets are actually fired)
    Honestly I don't know how many of these are actually your mod's fault, but none of these problems existed for me before installing, so i'd appreciate some help a ton, and to know if anyone else is having any of these problems, thanks :)

    05 Julai, 2021