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  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    After all this year, this mod still work fine. Amazing choices of Anime pics, but they're quite old. The nostalgic really hit me hard.

    14 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    Quick Edit on my previous review. Actually you can't use the special vehicles even tho the menu pop up in the mid class garage.

    14 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    It works beautifully as fine wine 😙👌

    The Advantages:
    ➤ While crouching, it can walk fast & run. And can aiming too.
    ➤ While proning, it can aim 360 angle with an animation(?). So you are not just rotate with the same static position.

    The Disadvantages:
    ➤ You can't move while prone-aiming. (but you can rotate yourself while prone-aiming)
    ➤ The prone control is a little bit "stiff". (but you'll get used to it)
    ➤ The rotating animation while proning (but not aiming) is a static position.

    All of the disadvantages are only a minor problem, so I don't quite mind with it.

    14 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    First of all, I test this mod WITHOUT the need for spe-.. the need of loading the mp_maps. IF you have problems with this mod, I'll just recommend you to install it in a clean gta v. Because your problems mostly & surely, either not understand there is a basic requirements to be installed first before install this mod. OR you have a conflict with some mods. I do install this with Persistence II by ImNotMentaL, Skysder's Enhanced Traffic Experience: Lite Edition by Skysder, and a few more that I assume it's only a mod that not change too much things inside the game. Now to the review ↴

    The Advantages:
    - Can modify your cars inside the garage;
    - There's 33 garages you can buy and they all are in the city;
    - You can storage around 286 vehicles with this mod!
    - The garages has this variant:
    ⫸ High-end can contain 10 vehicles,
    ⫸ Mid can contain 6 vehicles,
    ⫸ Low can contain 2 vehicles;
    - Can call the vehicles via F5 (Mechanic Menu);
    - Your car will automatically insured. So if it explode or something like too broken to used, it'll automatically be there in the garage where you put it. No need to call MorsMutual like in the online;
    - Can change the radio station inside the garage;
    - Can remove the car permanently with 2 options. First, you spawn outside with the car that you want to remove (So you can sell it if you have a mod like that). Or you stay inside the garage and the vehicle just dissapear;
    - Can use the laptop, means can browse internet;
    - If your car broken, go inside the garage will fixed it;
    - In the Mid type, you can use the special vehicles like in the vanilla garage (The Trio Protag Garages).

    The Disadvantages:
    - Can't move the camera around like in LSC when modifying inside the garage;
    - They all are in the city. Less spreaded than what I thought;
    - Can't turn on the tv in High-end garages :(
    - The modifying feature are actually almost perfect. For example, I can't install liveries on Buffalo STX;
    - Can't sell the garages you already own.

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    13 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    @M8T Thankyou for providing clarity regarding your mod. +1 Star

    Btw I just saw the video that you put, and I want to point out something. So, when I get close to the "interactable spot" like sofa, spawn point, & bed. The sound when the menu pop up (the one that sound like *cling*) it appear repetitively. So instead of just *cling*, it started *cling cling cling cling*. So yeah, I guess you're right about conflicting bug.

    12 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    The disadvantages:
    - There's a bug(?) where after using a certain interaction (like sleep/sit) I can't exit the house.
    - Can't watch tv.
    - Can't change outfit in the wardrobe.
    - Can't drink the green goo like in the Online (Because it was not even there).
    - Can't use radio like in the Online
    - In Devin Weston's house, the gate won't open. Even after I bought it.
    - Can't drink beer (I found the prop in one of the houses, I thought I could drink it at first).

    The advantages:
    - Can shower,
    - Can sleep,
    - Can enable/disable set spawn in the house,
    - Can use telescope (kinda useless with the wall that blocking the view),
    - Can browse the internet via laptop (if there's one inside),
    - Can drink whiskey! (but not intoxicate/make you drunk),
    - Can exit to the backyard! (or to balcony),

    My personal experience:
    - Everytime I went inside to the houses. It always kinda force me back to storymode. But then, back to loading the mp_maps. It's not that kind of problematic for me, and it's not took a lot of time to wait too. I just found it very weird, cause I suppose that shouldn't happened. This thing only happen once in every time I booted GTA V. Maybe it's happening because I already install Benny's in SP, which he need to load the mp_maps.

    - The "skip" that @M8T mention in the description, I can't find it too guys. At first I thought it's a feature where when you sleep, the time around you are fast forwarding. But no, it's nothing like that. I just make myself stuck in the interior because of sleep interaction.

    - I don't quite understand with the spawn point thing. Because, I already enable this feature. Then when I tried to switch character, it still depends on where the last location of the character. After the character died, it still spawn me in the hospital. So.. where did I do wrong?

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    11 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    Actually, this mod work just fine for something that released in 2017. I got no error/problem at all. It just there is a bug(?) that sometimes the navigation voice still leading me to a destination that I actually never put a waypoint at all. Once this happen, I'm just reload my script. And I guess the navigation voice itself can't keep up if you drive too fast. Because when I do that the voice oftenly "confused" to lead me to the waypoint.

    But yeah, I already got used to see those purple line on the minimap. So it's kinda useless for me to install this. Either way, this mod is amazing!

    11 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    @WmLokz it's your gta v folder. The one that where GTA5.exe located

    11 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    @mbahdokek I am on discord fortunately. Let me add you and send the script folder screenshot. No need to rush tho, take your time.

    10 Jun, 2024
  • 231bcb nani spray yorustiker

    About the "rebind open menu key".. I guess there should be an AdvancedBodyguardAndEnemyMenu.ini in the folder. But I didn't found that. I suppose the only way you can change the settings is from Visual Studio or other IDE(?) that support .dll format.

    What I like from this mod is just the "more options" for the bodyguard to do.What I didn't like is :
    -) I need to keep choosing the weapon for the bodyguard to use. I prefer just put random/all weapon on them and then go to the action.
    -) When choosing the bodyguard model. There should be a manual name search or just make it as a drop down list.
    -) The bodyguard can't find path to follow me if I'm getting too far*. So it feels like I'm helping a baby to walk.

    *I guess if you guys didn't put the bodyguard in a very complex route, it'll be fine. In my case, I tested it in a multi-storey parking lot and it didn't go well.

    09 Jun, 2024