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    I'm not making sounds professionally (not yet, at least), just as a hobby. The PayPal account has been there for a few years (if I recall correctly) and I haven't received any donations for now. It could be an issue on my end (an incorrect account setup perhaps, but I haven't checked, to be honest) or it might be just the way it is (meaning, people may not feel like donating their life savings to some random internet modmaker, I know I wouldn't donate to myself). Either way, money were never a reason to create mods for me personally. If I have an interesting idea, I'll experiment and execute it. If I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve, things go smoothly. But decent RGS update goes a little beyond that passion, and I'm not sure I have enough willpower yet.

    1 hours ago
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    Yeah, probably the exact reason there's no new RGS version (no offense). After 3 years, the community would be happy to receive a magnum opus of an update (and I would really like to deliver too), but the stress is just so much that I don't even want to touch RGS ever again.
    Since the last RGS update, I've grown and improved as a sound modder/designer, and now I can see how flawed this mod really is. There are lots of sound clipping issues everywhere, sound volume fluctuating, some sounds get abruptly cut, and a whole lot of other problems that will appear under closer inspection. I'll have to rework the entire mod to ensure that the quality is worthy of these 3 years of waiting.

    16 hours ago
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    @kai99green @Michael21107 @hrvyk20 @bloodyframe2018
    No idea why that stuff happened, but hopefully I fixed the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    23 hours ago
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    uh, just so you know, simply because the author is "lazy" (a proven fact I guess?) doesn't mean you can take his work without his explicit permission and edit it. Currently, I haven't given anyone permission to edit RGS (which consists not only of my own work) and reupload it.
    Everyone are free to edit the mod to their liking, it would be dumb if I would disallow that and it's also not really possible. But uploading it publicly without permission is prohibited as was stated in the mod's description.
    You were trying to edit an .awc file? I assume the sounds got muted for you because .awc exceeded it's size limit after editing (i.e. weapons.awc size is 19,010KBs, if file is larger than that, sounds will get muted). The solution is to reduce file size, compress some sounds.

    07 Oktober, 2023
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    @xxeennxxeeii47 I was joking, I'm not dead. Currently I don't have plans on updating RGS, sorry.

    06 Oktober, 2023
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    Fortunately no, was declared deceased a week ago at the age of 74
    (I logged in just to answer this comment)

    05 Oktober, 2023
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    We already resolved this issue peacefully. He removed RGS files.

    05 Mei, 2022
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    Can you, please, remove files that belong to Realistic Guns Sounds creators? Otherwise, I guess, I will have to file a report.

    30 April, 2022
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    Just run "UNINSTALL - RGS.oiv". If you can't find it, here's a screenshot:

    30 September, 2021
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    @RisingDeep Can you stop lying and accusing everyone of wrongdoing? You only realize your mistake after you got punishment.
    You misunderstand the whole "competition" thing. I never compete with you. Don't make any conspiracy theories.
    Also, do I need to refresh your memory? Originally, I rated your mod 5 stars (, if you don't remember. But then, after you released that fateful 5.0 update I rated your mod with 2 stars (, and I actually had a reason for that, as everyone else back then. I accept that I might be too harsh, but my purpose in doing this was to make you fix your mod as soon as possible, because 5.0 was a disaster. I never made any "new" accounts unlike you. When you got caught creating multiple accounts the first time I changed my rating back to 5 stars (everyone can check that even now), because you seemed to care about rating too much.
    As for the original game files: that wasn't a mistake. You uploaded these files on purpose. Even in your own preview you can notice that all of the DLC weapons sound like in original game (Perico Pistol is the most easy noticeable): Yes, they do not sound totally the same, but that's because how GTA 5 sound engine works, it applies some sounds from "weapons.awc" which, of course, is edited by you.

    29 Disember, 2020