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  • Trevor

    doesn't seem to be working for me for some reason

    18 Oktober, 2022
  • Trevor

    All's working on my end. Every ped model, every vehicle that might have a seatbelt. Although sometimes I would have to reload my scripts in the console.

    A suggestion - the seatbelt chime should play on engine start as well, not only after unfastening.

    24 Januari, 2022
  • Trevor

    Also - The hotkey change doesn't work. It's stuck on L

    23 Januari, 2022
  • Trevor

    You should add draw/holster sound effects, could be neat but tedious. Good job!

    22 Januari, 2022
  • Trevor

    I'm getting a script error when getting into a vehicle

    11 November, 2021
  • Trevor

    The update is awaiting approval - I've added loose files and an alternate awc for those with a clean "vehicles.awc" file who want the mod, but with stock gearbox sounds. Enjoy folks!

    09 November, 2021
  • Trevor

    Sorry guys I had the loose files ready I just forgot to put them in the rar LMAO. "Hotfix" coming up in the next hour!

    09 November, 2021
  • Trevor

    This is really well done. Have you thought about doing a mod with the same concept except you're equipping ballistic armor, backpacks, etc?

    14 April, 2021
  • Trevor

    I still can't pick up the bag after taking it off. I mash E and nothing happens. I've reinstalled the game AND the mod several times and I still can't get this to work. It's a brilliant idea, but Jesus Christ man your code is messy. The only way I can get my bag back, is if I call the dealer and buy one that way. Even then, if I use the "bag menu" the position of the bag get's stuck in the player's right hand.

    28 April, 2020
  • Trevor

    Update: It seems like it's literally tied to my save game. I can edit "weaponstash.xml" and give the characters the bag that way, however I can't equip it after I take it off. Franklin can remove the bag, but he puts another one on immediately. This makes a new bag spawn at the character's feet and every time I select "remove bag" it just removes the previous bag on the ground and moves it to the my current location. Your mods all have a great concept, but they need a lot of work. Are you sure your script isn't dependent on a file you didn't include?
    I've also tried a fresh install - nothing.

    31 Januari, 2020