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    @username123456 That's because coordinates have a "." as comma what in EU versions is ignored and results in absurdly high coordinates. User 'HSneak' has uploaded the files without any commas here
    Replace your files with those and see if it helps.
    Alternatively a "," can be used as a comma instead in EU versions.

    15 November, 2019
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    @HKH191 Just figured something else out that doesn't affect many vehicles. In the Slot.ini files the Vehiclename saved is the handling name or the label name but not the model name. In most cases they are equal so it doesn't matter but this isn't true for all vehicles. The only ones I ran into that had an issue loading (resulting in a red error message implied by you) were the Helicopters SuperVolito (saved SVOLITO, model name is supervolito), the variant SuperVolito Carbon (saved SVOLITO2, model name supervolito2) and the Cargoplane (saved CARGOPL, model name cargoplane). If I correct the name in the Slot.ini file they are spawned correctly, so it isn't much of a problem. Just thought I let you know.

    02 Oktober, 2019
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    @HKH191 I just encountered a weird bug with the 40 car garage (Warehouse). While the car for Slot 40 is saved correctly into the files when entering the garage the car saved in Slot 10 appears at both positions. Slot 10 and Slot 40. The car saved in Slot 40 does not spawn at all and therefore cannot be used. No idea what could cause this. This is not only the case for a single or custom made 40-car garage. It happens with all of them including the example garage in the download files.

    30 September, 2019
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    @HKH191 Could you add a customization possibility within the Garage.ini for the heading that the vehicle will have when being taken out of the garage? Right now it seems to be fixed at exactly 147°.

    30 September, 2019
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    Another job well done. Thanks for this aswell.

    29 September, 2019
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    So I have played all missions at least twice and tested every Fleeca bank location once. I made a list of things that could use improvement and ideas. Those vary from problems that need fixing to small details for fine tuning and ideas for additions. I hope that helps you out for updating the mod.

    The Heists Menu has a submenu also called Heists, you could remove one of the 'Heists'-menus.

    Crew Setup Menu
    When starting the mission at the Crew setup the menu closes but reopens again afterwards.
    When changing a crew member from 'AI' to 'No AI' in Crew setup the crew cost is not updated/removed.
    Crew members take a certain amount of money rather than a percentage which is only different for the Union Depository job. Even when choosing all crew members as Juggernauts their take is not very significant, except for the UD. I think it would be neat to replace the firm cost with percentages they take of the final loot.

    While doing one of the missions random events can still be triggered. It would be great could you deactivate them during missions. Perhaps there is a true/false statement variable for this?
    This happens rather often since there is a spawn point for a money transporter just north of Lester's factory.
    When a random event is done or vanishes the waypoint for the mission is removed, but that's not a big problem thanks to the blip of the target location.

    Except for the armoured Kuruma and the Insurgent the getaway cars won't start their engine when spawned at Lester's garment factory. Using a Trainer to fix the vehicle solves this issue, so perhaps the vehicles are spawned damaged or saved as damaged when bringing the getaway vehicle to the factory?

    The enemy A.I.s accuracy (aim) is way too high. They seem to be set on the highest level as they hit every time. I would suggest a skill level similar to the story mode.
    Except for the UD the looting is sometimes a bit hideous. Perhaps the chunks of money you take each time could be increased. It's not necessary just standing there holding 'E' for a minute.

    Perhaps you could use Lester's model with the walking stick and glasses as is used during the story?
    When the timer for opening the vault door counts down it makes a sound every time it counts. This might be a bit annoying for some.
    Perhaps you could let the players customise the minimum/maximum takes of heists to their liking through a file (like „settings.ini“).

    Something causes the taxi interface (where you choose a location where you want to be taken) no longer to appear when entering a taxi as a passenger. Only restarting the game fixed this.
    It has happened that my character has apparently become invincible, I'm not sure what causes it. Is it possible you have Invincibility activation from maybe testing still in the code?
    Police that spawns for checking the response time doesn't always disappear and is eventually still present when you arrive for the heist, attacking immediately when a wanted level is gained, sometimes even before entering the location. Happened at the Paleto Bay score for me.

    Jammer missions
    Waypoint to the police station could be set more precise to the entrance. Not important.

    Sourcing Kuruma/Insurgent
    After getting into the Kuruma the waypoint sticks to it's location at the parking lot.
    The enemy AI's don't react and the models don't properly load until the player gets very close to them or nearby AI's are attacked.
    The AI's sometimes even shoot each other.
    The map blips for the enemy AI's stay on the map after killing them.

    When choosing the location for the bank the menu is still open after pressing 'Start'.

    Paleto Job
    The Convoy Truck A and C just stay at their spawn locations.
    The waypoint sticks to the Convoy truck after collecting the Thermite.

    Pacific Standard
    This heist is simply way to difficult. NOOSE spawning inside the bank while the vault is still not looted makes sense, but should stop respawning as soon as one of the doors is unlocked. Also NOOSE members keep continiously spawning outside the bank entrance. An initially spawned amount is fine, but I would say they shouldn't respawn right at the bank. Let them restock their amounts naturally coming with their cars as GTAs standard police response.

    Jewellery Store Job
    After the maximum amount of loot for the heist is reached the looting markers don't disappear as they do with the UD heist. This way you can stay and get more money than the heist is supposed to give.

    First side mission.
    When checking out the place on approaching you get the message that the hacker has unlocked the side entrance, which does indeed open when you get close enough. But I guess that shouldn't happen yet. I assume that the default value equals the value of the side entrance.
    When you just did the UD heist using the back entrance you then get the message for the back entrance being opened. So resetting the value for the entrance used after the heist might also be a good idea.
    Second side mission.
    A constant waypoint to the moving car like with the convoy truck during the Paleto Job would be nice.
    Also it already drives at increased speed and recklessly from the very start of the mission before even getting close to it. When the car goes onto the highway it takes a while to catch up to it using standard cars.
    The map blips for the enemy AI's stay on the map after killing them as with Sourcing the Kuruma.
    When returning to the factory the message „Lester: We needed those plans.“ is continously spammed without an end. Even though successfully collecting the plans and completing the mission. You can keep playing normally but the message is conctantly there above the minimap and spammed under Menu > Brief > Notifications.
    Third side mission.
    After picking up the C4 the waypoint sticks to it's location at the merryweather dock.
    When dying after picking up the C4 the mission isn't failed. You can just go the the factory after coming from the hospital.
    Fourth side mission.
    After detonating the C4 you get a few messages „1“, „2“, „3“, „4“, „5“ and „6“. I assume you used these for testing? Could be removed from the mod.
    The Heist.
    You can walk through the vault door on the left half of it. The money isn't spawned inside yet anyway, but you are pretty safe from combat in there.
    A lot of bodies pile up over time where the Gruppe 6 enemy AI's spawn when choosing a cheap hacker. Is it possible to remove dead bodies every now and then?
    When using the elevator from the vault back up to the garage messages „1“, „2“ and „3“ are received.

    Hope that helps. Greetings.

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    13 September, 2019
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    Thanks for this. Do you think you could also fix the spawn of Trevor's random event the weed farm? It seems it was supposed to be a weekly event but doesn't ever respawn after collecting the briefcase there once.

    06 September, 2019
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    @Svodantyrie @argol228 I have had the same problem. Choosing the DisableBusinesses.ini in the Default order the file came with GrapeseedHub=false
    Setting this to true fixed it for me. So check your settings in DisableBusinesses.ini

    11 Jun, 2019