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    Was able to install. but when i spawn it appears for 1 to 10 secs and disappears every time. i've installed other car mods so im sure i did it all right.. car looks good but i can't get in it before its gone. Any reason for it doing this.

    01 Ogos, 2016
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    Exactly the car i wanted. But my game crashes and its only when i am driving this car. Sometimes i make it 1 hour. Other times its less then 5 minutes. i am curious if it does it to anyone else or if its on me? otherwise great mod.

    24 Julai, 2016
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    Got it going. works great.

    22 Julai, 2016
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    Hello, I've spent a couple hours trying to get this to work with no success. I have downloaded Visual c++ 2015, scripthookv and scripthookvdot net. Put the files into gta folder. I also downloaded this mod. I made a new file in my gta 5 folder and named it scripts. Added "Better Chases.dll", "NativeUI.dll" & "BetterChasesConfig.xml" to the scripts folder. also since i have windows 10 i do not need net framework 4.5.2. I then load gta 5 and nothing happens. i try clicking the + key on number pad and that does nothing as well. cops still shoot, no tasers. Any ideas on what i may have done wrong. i am fairly new to modding so it could of been a dumb mistake. Thanks in advance.

    19 Julai, 2016