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    its funny how they say you cant unlock it or edit it, but i am pretty sure thats what ride5 has as rules too, so wouldnt the same go to yall xD i doubt the makers of ride5 have agreed for yall to rip the models with ninja ripper. so go ahead guys unlock it do what u want, i got tonns of HBL stuff edited so many of them lol who are they to say no? xD nobody lol if they can take from ride, we can take from them, end of story, aint nobody in the right here. im tired of the so called creators such as elite shifter who lives in council flat in east south london who think just cos they converted a bike in 30mins suddenly they have a right to it, na-ah not on my watch. they not creators, they are converter lol and it should be entirely free, texturing somehting is a joke it takes like 20mins max i can easily teach anyone to do it, did didnt make nothing i bet they cant even use blender lol let alone make a bike, what a joke.

    11 Disember, 2023