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    @Nivinha can you add more head options? I think they look too depressed (face). Nonetheless the body meshes are soo amazing. I think the stock faces of these strippers kinda lessen the beauty. Still 4.9/5.0. Thanks!

    02 Jun, 2021
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    It's turned on by default. Make sure it's on by opening the .ini file.
    As for the dislike feature, I just NOP some lines after decompiling, and I disabled it. What I can't solve however is the broken random events like the disapperance of the green circle in the partner's home after picking her up from a place. Otherwise, 75% works with the latest scripthookvdotnet (I've tried with lower versions like 3.0.4 and 3.0.2) but the issue persists. I hope you update this again hunk because this is one of the best mods for immersion.

    01 Jun, 2021
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    HI hunk is it possible for you to make this mod open source? I'd like to modify some settings with the Dynamic Respect system since it conflicts with another Hot coffee mod. Buddy control thinks that the ped is being attacked by having a script that lets you interact with ped (more dialogue for instance). This leads to the respect meter going down continuously. Another suggestion would be to add an option in the ini file to disable/enable the dislike feature. Thanks.

    21 Mei, 2021