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    @JShanny You installed some other train mod (probably the insanely outdated Overhauled Trains), which removed the trains.xml entry for the BTTF3RR.

    @Crrp7d_999 If you can, join our Discord and post about your issue in the #support channel and we'll see if we can figure out what happened for you. "The mod stops working" means there are errors in the ScriptHookVDotNet log we can use to determine what caused that problem.

    2 hari yang lalu
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    @RexyFox Infinite loading is caused by an incorrect gameconfig. I recommend you either install a gameconfig yourself manually, or join our Discord and use the automatic installer provided in the #installation-tutorial channel to do everything for you.

    03 Mei, 2023
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    @Shaggy If you're offering to model it and rig it and adapt it to RAGE for us, we will graciously accept your submission. But if you're simply asking from the sidelines if anyone currently on the team is planning on adding any new models of any kind, the answer is no. Ranstar is working on code to support a new steam train (just the Rogers Sierra No3), and Victor is working on fixing several issues with our existing DMC-12 model. But no new models are planned as we have no one on the team dedicated to making and rigging models.

    11 April, 2023
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    @CooingYak Our mod has nothing to do with the pause menu nor its controls. As for pressing ctrl+f8 and nothing happens, that usually means you're either missing a prerequisite, installed one incorrectly, or have a bunch of other ancient mods that have modified your base game files in an improper way. If you haven't already, join our Discord so we can try to get you sorted out. With luck all you'll have to do is follow the installation tutorial and you'll be good to go.

    05 April, 2023
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    @ReverseFlashJN Please join our Discord to report the crash. I don't think I've ever seen a script crash from refilling the DeLorean. The only bug I'm aware of is if you use Enhanced Native Trainer, your character will run away. But I don't think that actually crashes the script when it happens.

    10 Mac, 2023
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    @Baileyground6104 We do not know. None of us updated anything. We are wondering if it's a bug with the 5mods website reporting an update even though no one uploaded one.

    21 Febuari, 2023
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    @DOOM11 For the current version of GTAV you'll need a gameconfig, such as limitless or pnwparksfan. If you know how to install a custom gameconfig, do that. If not, feel free to join the BTTFV Discord, where we offer an automated installer that will do everything for you.

    17 Febuari, 2023
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    @shadowgamer2003 Map mods triggered by DateTime is currently not possible nor planned. We don't have anyone in the dev team who can do map mods, so even if it were possible from a scripting perspective, it's not possible since we have no assets to use.

    @BewaretheRabbit You installed some other shitty mod made by an idiot that overwrote your dlclist.xml file rather than updating it like a proper mod is supposed to do. If you're very lucky, then just adding dlcpacks:/bttf/ to your dlclist.xml file will solve your problem. If you're unlucky then the garbage mod you installed replaced your dlclist.xml file with an ancient version and you're screwed. Time to copy update.rpf from your update folder into your mods\update folder, then reinstall BTTFV.

    13 Febuari, 2023
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    @Tillu676 Either whatever that mod is is causing a conflict that crashes BTTFV/FusionLibrary, or you're playing on a potato and are encountering what we call the "playing on a potato crash." Only way to know is to look at your ScriptHookVDotNet.log file after you summon a time machine to find out.

    Please join the BTTFV Discord so you can share your crash log and we can help you further.

    03 Febuari, 2023
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    @gtavjamal No offense or anything taken. There are actually a lot of inaccuracies in the DeLorean model we're aware of. Some of them will be fixed for the next release, some will take longer to fix due to requiring major changes to the model to resolve. Please look forward to the next release, and thank you for enjoying BTTFV!

    08 Januari, 2023