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    so this mod along with the actual Main liberty city V mod. If you installed and have an infinite load screen on the pause menu etc, and want to remove the mod, but dont know how. I figured it out. Go and install the oiv package again. Before you exit out click on "view install log" in the bottom left hand corner. In that log towards the bottom you will see the 4 or 5 files it replaced in the mod folder. It shows their paths. What you have to do is go to each one of those paths in Open IV but not under the mod folder. You have to go into your original folder. Save those original files from those path locations. then go to those same path locations but in your mod folder. extract them there from where ever you saved them. Once you boot up your game you will see that all has been returned to normal. Make sure to delete the folders you added to the dlcpack folders as well as remove the file that they had you insert with Open IV. This didn't replace anything its just a new file all together. You will see when you go to that path in your original folder that it does not exist there. That is because it was entirely new. Also if you didn't have a recent back up of you dlclist.xml file before that install, this thing just straight up wiped that file out and installed its p.o.s. version. you will have to either reenter all of you <Item>dlcpacks/000000</Item> codes manually for the existing mods you had prior or just drop your backed up dlclist.xml in place using Open IV. Good luck any questions or help needed removing this piece of shit let me know I will see what I can do to help. I legit spent about two hours trying to remove this turd. Thanks Also Im sure its fine on the old version but honestly im not going to be disconnecting the internet and reconnecting every dam time I play plus having to be stuck with an out of date version of gta is just stupid.

    22 September, 2022